Jul 20, 2017

Ottoman Realism

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Ottoman Realism


We may regard Enderunlu Fazıl’s Zenanname as an early example of a new emphasis on “realism” – a hallmark of modernism – in Ottoman literature. Based on the selection assigned for class, do you think the depictions of women in his mesnevi are realistic and thus represent a stark departure from convention? In making your argument either for or against, consider other kinds of works related to it.

The paper should be 4-5 pages in length, double-spaced, and in 12-point font. Emphasis in grading will be placed on the strength of your argument and how well you support it with textual examples. In other words, do not summarize the text or give pointless biographical or background information. If you do so, it will affect your grade negatively. There is also no need for you to refer to secondary readings; this is text-based paper assignment. If you do intend to refer to additional works, which applies to Internet sources as well, please cite using the MLA Style guide. If it is obvious to me that you used outside sources without citation, your grading will begin at 65. The paper is worth 100 points total and constitutes 15 percent of your overall grade. If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to speak with me. 


Name: Instructor: Course: Date: Realism Realism is a literary movement that aims at the representation of especially middle-class life without subjective romantic perspective of things and events around them. Realism unlike other literary movements such as romanticism that are based on subjectivity is largely based on objectivity. It is concerned with the fidelity of what it depicts in the material in relation to what is true. In order to exploit a character to depict realism, realists use ordinary and not so interesting characters. In Ottoman literature (literature both written and/or spoken in Turkish), realism has been used for some time. One of the best know person to use realism is Enderunlu Fazıl. Fazil as an Ottoman poet depicts the beauty of men in various lands. The most notable of his material is the “The Book of Women” which was later banned in the Ottoman Empire. This book describes the advantages and disadvantages of women in different nations. As a realist poet, Fazil has written the poem depicting much of what women are. This is brought about by how he depicts women in his literary work “The Book of Women” which he heavily


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