Jul 19, 2017

Organized Crime

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Policy Development Paper: Organized Crime


Select one of the following topics for your paper:

-Community-oriented policing

-Terrorism–Security Policy for Large Events

-Domestic Violence and Elder Abuse Policy

-Human Trafficking Policy

-Organized Crime Policy

-Cyberspace/Technology Policy

-Reducing prison overcrowding

Write a 2,100-2,800- word paper in which you research the relevant statistics, facts, resources, and public opinions to develop your own local, statewide, or federal policy related to your selected topic.

Include statistical, factual, and public opinion history information which supports your policy claim.

Identify all stakeholders (e.g., politicians, judges, prosecutors, defense attorneys, correctional officers and administrators, law enforcement officers and administrators, victims, law-abiding citizens, etc.) and their opinions as it relates to your proposed policy and how politics may impact its implementation. 

Provide policy recommendations and the rationale for these recommendations and their impact on contemporary criminal justices issues and globalization.

Cite your references properly consistent with APA guidelines.

Three or more references.


Organized Crime Student: Professor: Course title: Date Organized Crime Organized Crime refers to crime which is well planned and strategized with high intelligence employed. Organized crime often takes place across borders of various countries thus at an international level. There are myriad of crimes that fall in the category of organized crime. It has continued to be a thorny issue with the international community like United Nations intervening in an attempt to find a way forward to end this menace (Margaret, 2013). Organized crime has been said to undermine democracies whose resulting effect is to threaten to impair economic growth. This discussion takes an analytical look at various aspects of organized crime including the statistics, factual information and public opinion. The discussion will also tackle various ways in which the menace can be dealt with. The various ways in which corruption has led to the rise of organized crime and also how organized crimes leads to corruption will be examined in this discussion. Organized crime is a complex phenomenon and in many cases dependent on the political developments, economic growth and social changes of a country (Jordan, 2009). Changes in politics globally have affected organized crime both by restraining its operations and also providing a favorable climate for it to thrive. As a result, the manner in which organized crime is conducted has constantly changed. The expansion of trade into a global ...

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