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Organizational Archetypes: Strategies of Operation

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Organizational Archetypes: Strategies of Operation


Organizational Archetypes
Write a 3+ page, double-spaced essay: Explain the organizational archetypes as described by Mintzberg and discuss how organizational structure influences innovation.
1. Summarize Mintzberg’s work with archetypes.
2. What key features and implications are involved in each archetype?
3. Why do we need a template for explaining the structure of an organization?
4. Mintzberg claimed we have too many managers and too few leaders. Do you agree or disagree with this and why?
Write in APA format with complete paragraphs (4-8 sentences each).
• Include an introduction, body and conclusion.
• Cite consistently throughout your work in APA format.
• Paraphrase rather than directly quote citations.
• Write in third person. Include a title and reference page.
Tidd, J. and Bessant, J. (2013). Managing Innovation : Integrating Technological, Market and Organizational Change, 5th Ed. Hoboken, NJ: Wiley & Sons.
ISBN: 9781118360637
• Chapter 3 and Chapter 4


Organizational Structures: Name: Instructor: Date: Organizational Archetypes Mintzberg developed parameters that help define an organization. They focus on the people and their strategies of operation. The size of an organization also determine which structure will be used for it. Their influence on the activities of an organization is significant as will be evaluated. In this article, five different types of organizational archetypes are analyzed and how they will influence innovation. The five different patterns that an organization structures may take include entrepreneurial, machine structure, professional, divisional and innovative. They have different ways of controlling how corporations work and needs templates for explaining the structures that businesses have (Tidd & Bessant, 2013). The entrepreneurial structure has few people in the management and does more business compared to other structure


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