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Organizational and Change Theory Paper

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Organizational and Change Theory Paper

  • In Chapter 8, the authors look at the various stages of critical thinking and the creative process and how they should be used in problem solving. They also examine how to analyze a problem to determine which strategies should be employed and how to problem-solve in groups.
  • Chapter 9, "Communicating Effectively"

    In Chapter 9, the authors look at the various communication techniques leaders use to get their points across to a wide range of audiences. The chapter helps explain some of the complexities leaders face when trying to communicate a similar message to colleagues at, above, and below their professional level, as well as to people of different cultural backgrounds.
  • Chapter 11, "Building and Managing Teams"

    This chapter examines nursing leadership when working with teams. It reviews several common challenges teams face and how leaders can encourage cooperation in order for the team to be successful. This chapter provides leadership strategies for forming an effective team, managing meetings, planning tasks, and completing these tasks.
  • Chapter 12, "Handling Conflict"

    Chapter 12 begins with an observation that not all conflict is negative—rather, if handled properly, conflict can lead to an interchange of ideas that can produce positive and unexpected results. The chapter also provides a self-examination that asks you to look at personal obstacles that hinder positive conflict. Conflict management rules and strategies are also addressed in this chapter.

Losa Iglesias, M., & Becerro De Bengoa Vallejo, R. (2012). Conflict resolution styles in the nursing profession. Contemporary Nurse: A Journal For The Australian Nursing Profession, 43(1), 73-80


Organizational and Change Theory Paper Name; Institutional Affiliation; Date Introduction Change management remains an essential element in the improvement in quality within the nursing process. The implementation of change first disrupts the status quo of an institution, moves everyone and everything into a new approach of carrying out functions and lastly ensuring that the currently adopted practice does not return back to the initial state. In the past our organization had in particular experienced challenges that needed change (Kelliher, & Parry, 2015). It was identified that the patient’s personal information and details including the planned visit dates were in handwritten in folders. Cross checking all this information in allocation of work was determined to be time consuming and complicated, a factor that resulted in errors. The purpose of this paper is to study a recent change that occurred within our health facility and how effective the process was handled.


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