Operations Tools to Aid in Decision-making

Operations Tools to Aid in Decision-making

Brief Background info:

You have heard that many companies use Operations Management (OM) tools. You asked your supervisor what he thought about this. Your supervisor requested that you research the idea and present it at the afternoon manager`s meeting to see if it is something valuable to use.

Your supervisor had asked that you make sure to find examples of other companies that benefited from their use. Research the Internet for at least one companies that relies heavily on OM tools. (I have chosen United Airlines)(you can use another one for an example). Investigate what operations management tools they have developed over time to help them gain a competitive advantage over their competitors. Where appropriate, identify the general type of tools which they are using. It should benefit the following:

Name of the organization
Location of the headquarters
The source of your information (articles/websites/pages)
One or more significant operations management initiatives
What benefits are already being realized?

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