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Ontario Craft

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Situational Analysis: Ontario Craft


Please see the attached file for more details and links: Conduct a situational analysis which looks at Ontario craft brewing industry. At the minimum, your situational analysis should include these elements: (1 Page each)   Description of the target market demographic(s).   Competitive analysis focussing the company which you consider to be Brick Brewery`s strongest competitive 
threat and providing an assessment of the Boston Brewing Company.   Evaluation of The Beer Store and the LCBO as distribution channels.   If appropriate, please use one of the models discussed in class, such as a SWOT and/or STEEP, or another model or approach that covers the required components for a thorough situational analysis.


For this case, imagine that your group has been engaged to assist Brick Brewery to develop a strategic plan which focuses on the Ontario craft brewing industry. As part of your analysis, in addition to looking at key Canadian competitors, Brick has asked you to provide an assessment of the competitive threat of U.S. craft brewer, the Boston Brewing Company, which is now competing in the Ontario craft market. Additionally, Brick has asked you to provide a closer analysis of major urban markets in Ontario, beginning with Toronto. As Brick Brewing is a publicly-traded company, they are also interested in value-based planning and have requested that your group incorporate net present value analysis into the strategic plan

Situational Analysis: Ontario CraftStudent’s nameInstitution of AffiliationSituational analysis The Ontario craft brewing industry is among the developing industries in the state. The growth is accredited to the increase in the knowledge base available to consumers. This driving force has seen the industry attract a number of local and foreign investors. The increase in investors has resulted in increased competition forcing the local brewers to improve the quality of their beers to survive in the market. Brick brewery is a major player in the Canadian market. The publicly owned brewery has dominated the industry through various marketing strategies. The marketing strategies range from producing high quality beers for the local market to pricing their products cheaply to attract their target market.Target market Understanding the target market is a key strategy in a business. The target market refers to customers who are most apt to buy products produced by a business. Understanding the target market enables the business to focus on products to ensure that it meets the needs of the target market. The target market for craft beer is the millennial generation. This is the generation of consumers born in the 1980’s. This consumer is the young adults in the current market. The age ranges from late teens, 18 to early adults, 34 years (The Canadian Brewery Industry). The male millennial is an adventurous consumer who is open to change. The consumer is open to change and willing to try new things. Conventional consumers in the beer industry focus on brews from major companies. The male millennial customer is willing to try craft beers. The male millennial is at the investment stage of his life. The customer has the money, but is likely to go for cheaper products that are of high quality. Brick brewery has won various awards for producing quality and safe products that cost effective (Blocker, Fahey, & Tyrrell, 2003). The male millennial is connected and has access to various information sources. The generation is more educated that the other generations in the market. Brick brewery has taken advantage of this characteristic and advertised its products using the available media. The brewer has benefited through free advertisement provided by social media. Social media is popular with the millennial generation (Longenecker, 2009). Users use the social media to access new information and communicate with their friends. Through social media,...

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