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On which type of sedimentary rock would you choose to develop a sanitary landfill and why?

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1. What is the Superfund, what is the legislation behind it, who manages it, and has it been successful?

2. On which type of sedimentary rock would you choose to develop a sanitary landfill and why?

3. What are the minerals and other substances in sedimentary rock that may emit radon? 

4.  The greatest potential petroleum deposits in North America lie under government-owned North Slope areas of Alaska and Yukon. Environmental groups generally oppose any drilling in these areas because of the high potential for damaging sensitive ecosystems, interference with caribou herds, and the escape of toxic wastes into the environment from drilling. Similarly, movement of the oil south to market via Pacific Ocean oil tankers is problematic because of the likelihood of oil spills. The oil industry, however, wishes to lease, explore, and develop these regions. Is there any way to resolve these conflicting attitudes? Explain.

5.  What was the Australian doctrine of Terra Nullis (also spelled Nullius) and what are the consequences of the High Court of Australia’s decision on this matter? (Hint: you may have to do some basic library or online researching to properly answer this question.)

6. (10) Do all mine waste produce toxic materials to the environment? Explain. Which kind(s) of ore bodies are of special concern in regard to acid mine drainage? 

7. (10) Summarize the measures for control and reduction of AMD.

8. (10) Without any question, mining and petroleum exploration during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries were responsible for broadening the industrial base of Canada, for causing the nation’s economic expansion, and contributed to its emergence as a world leader. The results were an increase in the nation’s wealth and development of the west and north. What were the major environmental legacies that are left from these mining and petroleum efforts in Canada?

  9. (25) Trashmore is a city of 50,000 located in central Canada. As the newly hired environmental geologist for the municipality, you have been asked to determine the most suitable plan for disposal of the city’s solid waste for the next few years. Since Trashmore is not a wealthy urban area, you plan to look into the possibilities for sanitary landfill rather than incineration or other more costly techniques. After looking at the geologic map and cross section (Figures A1, and A2), you conclude that for environmental reasons, one of the potential sites is much better than the other two.

a. Which of the following sites did you select and why?: Cheryl’s Aggregate Co.; Kitty Litter Clay Co.; Nancy’s Limestone, Inc.

b. Summarize the major hazards that might be at the other sites.

c. Some of the members of the city council of Trashmore have suggested that the landfill should be located close to a river so that the liquid wastes can be diluted and dispersed. On Figure A3, draw in the water table and add several arrows to show the likely direction of the groundwater flow and the path of the rainwater that falls on the surface of the landfill.

d. Comment on the suitability of this type of site.

e. You have now selected a site for Trashmore’s landfill. You must convince the members of city council to change the name of the site from “dump” to “landfill.” What are some of the major differences between a sanitary landfill and a dump?

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