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Nursing Education - Plan and Analysis

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Nursing Education - Plan and Analysis


Task: Prepare an abstract for your teaching program. An abstract of your teaching program is a summary written in a scholarly writing style that represents a clear picture of teaching program.

Purpose: The abstract should provide details on the purpose of your teaching program, the type of learning environment, the audience or learners at which your program is aimed, the objectives of your teaching program.

Format of Abstract:

The text of your abstract should be 150 to 250 word count (one page).

Must be typed, double spaced 12-point font with 1-inchmargins.

Correct grammar, spelling, and punctuation are expected.

Six components to include:

  1. Background and Purpose of teaching program.
  2. Learning theory informing the teaching program (your philosophy). Already written and attached.
  3. Audience at which teaching program is aimed (who are your learners).
  4. Type of learning environment.
  5. Teaching program objectives (outline the material you intend to cover).
  6. Types of teaching strategies.
Nursing education- plan and analysisEmad Alsahafi HLN720 Clinical Education in HealthInstructorDate IntroductionThere is a need to improve competence for nurses working in Emergency Department on analyzing ECG rhythms, while also improving how they monitor patients. Since few nurses hold ACLS (Advanced Cardiac Life Support Course), the training will enable the participants to recognize and improve quality of care for arrhythmia patients. The cognitive theory was chosen as the most applicable for the training, while there was incorporation of social learning and behaviourists approaches. A clinical educator can improve compliance if they have self-efficacy and the social cognitive theory highlights on the need to improve perception about ability to achieve better performance (DeLisa et al., 2004). The chosen teaching philosophy is applicable in the nursing classroom, the computer lab in the training centre since the learning environments are suited for teaching sessions. Purpose of the teaching session There is a need for nurses to be more competent in analyzing ECG rhythm, the nurses working emergency Department (ED), will also be able to monitor patients in ED. The rationale for the teaching is that only few nurses in ED have Advance Cardiac Life Support course (ACLS). Nurses need to understand and recognize the pathophysiological mechanisms that influence arrhythmias, for them to improve quality of care (Garcia & Miller, 2009). Garcia and Miller (2009), highlight on the need to understand the pathophysiological mechanisms related to arrhythmia. By focusing on sequences to be followed during arrhythmia recognition, the authors emphasize the need for nurses to clearly understand how to use rhythm strip. This is relevant to the aims of the training session as nurses need interpret skills when dealing with complex arrhythmia.Benchmark informationNurses participating in the training sessions play a critical role towards improving quality of care, while taking into account special challenges ensures that the education is more relevant in imparting knowledge. Additionally nurses help in recognizing, interpreting and managing arrhythmia, while also relying on evidence-based practice to improve patient outcome (Forfa, 2013). According to Forfa (2013), improvement during and after an education program provides necessary information that is easily disseminated, while also taking into account the systems in place. This article is relevant to the training session, as cardiovascular diseases are a concern, while nurses work in a demanding environment. The authors highlight on patient safety as being vital, while encouraging nursing practice and improving skill development facilitated better patent outcome.Management strategy Clinical educators play an important role in assisting nurse to understand techniques that will facilitate self directing learning (Forfa, 2013). Hence, it will be necessary to inform and engage and inform head nurse at the ED, n...

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