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Noxious Markets

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Noxious Markets


This is a paper of Further investigation of markets.Please follow the prompt that I provided below: 

In this paper, I will address on issues noxious markets. The relative market that I will focus on is Diet Medicine market in China. I will develop some characters of this market, I will also come up with some statistical analysis related to growing diet medicine market. Because of personal experience with this market, I will demonstrate why I think this market in China is a noxious market from my point of view. And why I pick up this market as an important one among all of noxious market. The main issue I will address in my paper is a lot of diet medicine markets in china have begun to use social networking to do business, and the consumer on social networking believes in them because the businesses are promoted by their classmate or intimate friende, So they consume diet pills in a blind way—the consumers usually don’t really know what inside of the diet pills and just consume them! WHICH IS REALLY HARMFUL TAKING ANY PILLS WITHOUT KNOWING INGREDIENT. When consumer asked markets to provide ingredient as well as legally certification of that, the business maker provides fake one!…I will provide more details about this in my paper. As we all know, there are 4 parameters to determine a noxious market, those are:harmful to individual, harmful to society, impact on agency and impact on vulnerability. I will go deeply into each of these parameter in my paper. After reading my article, the readers will know how diet medicine doing business in China these years, as well as get acknowledge of how to choose a right diet medicine market. (because I used to buying diet pill on social net working apps, so I fully trust them because they are my friends and peers. But I will diagnose as a symptom of decreasing in white cells count in my blood 2014 winter, and the doctors assumed that because I take diet pills inappropriately, or the pills contains to much toxic... and I came back to united state doing the test again, my doctor said my white count is okay... )apply my personal experience of trust diet market on social net working... Before you construct this paper, MAKE SURE TO KNOW WHAT IS AN NOXIOUS MARKET. 

The following listed are what to write: 

• Choose a market(diet pills market in china) that could be considered noxious and explore the concerns about this market

• (Source: book) Satz, Debra. Why Some Things Should not be for Sale. Oxford University Press, 2010.

• Summary of the moral views of market society

• (Source: professional article). Fourcade, Marion and Keiran Healy. Moral Views of Market Society. Annual Review of Sociology. 33 (2007), pp. 285-311.

No title page but paper title, your name, and a page number should appear in the header of each page. 

• Double spaced 

• 10 or 12 point font

• Top and bottom margins at 1 inch, side margins at .5 (not the normal APA margins)

• References are included in the body of the paper in parentheses. An example of a content page is linked here. 

• The reference page is in hanging indent style. An example of a reference page is linked here.

• A good website for more information on the APA style, including how to reference articles, websites, books, films, etc. is: https://www.library.cornell.edu/research/citation/apa

• 3-5 references: 1 may be the source listed in the suitable topic categories above. 1 may be a website, podcast, or video. You should have 2 unique references (other than the one offered in the categories). A good place to find suitable references is in the endnotes of the sources I’ve suggested.


Noxious markets Student: Professor: Course title: Date: Introduction A noxious market is a term that was coined to refer to markets whose operations go beyond the set parameters. As the word suggests, it is market that is seen to jeopardize the interests of all stakeholders in the sector. There are several aspects that must be present for a market to be considered noxious. The first aspect is potential harm to individuals. This is where it is proven that the market poses a huge risk to the individuals in that market, either the consumers or the suppliers. Vulnerability is another aspect that lead to market to be considered noxious. Ideally, a market must be well grounded and firm to deal with different challenges. A market that is easily swayed thereby compromising the interests of investors is seen to be noxious. If a market poses a threat to the society in which it is operating, then such is a noxious market. The publics of an organization must not have an interrupted life due to the existence of a market. A market is a


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