Nintedo: Wii Inventory Process Analysis

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Nintedo: Wii Inventory Process Analysis

From the student:

Wow, was this a hard assignment for the team.We came up with Nintendo as the organzation and the Production Procees (inventory to keep up with customer demand - why is it out of stock so much and why can`t Nintendo produce the amounts needed - is it poor planning, etc.)? I have section A (A description of the process targeted for improvement). About four hundred or so words if you can help me out with this. Thanks again with all your help in my studies. I have really learned alot from you as a mentor.

The problem:

Your Learning Team represents a group of employees or managers in the organization and has been selected to run a pilot process improvement team. Select an organization that is agreed upon by your LT and prepare a 1,400 - 2,100 word paper in which you choose a process for improvement in your selected organization. Include the following ...
a. A description of the process targeted for improvement
b. A description of why analyzing a process can be useful in improving quality
c. Quality tools that you would recommend using to collect and present data from this type of process
d. An analysis of the process variability based upon your understanding of the process and any data collected
Conclude your presentation by providing recommendations for process improvement strategies for your selected process. Be sure to include a discussion of how your quality improvement strategy is linked to the strategic goals of the organization.

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