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Nature of crime in Chicago

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Nature of crime in Chicago


Research the statistics for violent crime in Chicago, Illinois (homicide statistics are particularly valuable for this). Summarize the types of violent crimes and rates for Chicago in recent years (up to the last seven years). Compare this to another city that is comparable in size. Identify the individuals most likely to be a victim of this violence and most likely to be a perpetrator based on these statistics. Summarize a criminological theory that helps to explain these crime rates and issues. Construct a plan to remedy this problem with the current population as well as preventative measures to ensure in the future youths will not continue this problem of violent crime. Be sure to include the funding necessary for this endeavor and identify where these funds will originate from. The paper must be original and in your own words, no quoting within this project. Make sure that you properly cite outside sources used in your paper (use APA style).


Nature of crime in Chicago Name Course Instructor Date Violent crime in Chicago, Illinois Violence in Chicago is mostly concentrated in poor neighborhoods that are predominantly African American and with many uneducated people. In particular, the homicide rates are high in certain areas of Chicago which have struggled to contain violence for decades (Christensen, 2014). Even though, urban areas in America have pockets of impoverished communities, violent crime rates are high in Chicago. The reported homicide statistics were 448 in 2007, 531 in 2008, 459 in 2009, 436 in 2010, 435 in 2011, 506 in 2012 and 435 in 2013 (CPD Homicide Report, n.d.). Despite Chicago being associated with violent crime in the U.S. there has been a drastic fall in homicide rates from the early to mid 1990’s when rates were close to 1000 annually. YearHomicides20064712007448200853120094592010436201143520125062013435 Types of violent crimes and rates for Chicago in recent Even though, violent crimes and homicides have fallen in recent years, some neighborhoods have not seen changes especially in the South and West side (CPD Homicide Report, n.d). In the 90’s violent crime was mostly associated with high-rise densely populated buildings, drug activities and gang culture. At the same time, the fall in the rates of violent crime have mostly been because of low crime communities have even had further fall in the low crime areas, where crime rates have remain...

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