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Natural Law Theorists

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Natural Law Theorists


According to Natural Law theorists, things that go against the natural order can be said to be unnatural. It also can be argued that those same things within the fabric of Natural Law Theory ought not to exist. If that is the case, then the creation of genetically modified organisms, cloning, and so forth could be labeled as immoral practices. With that being said, some scientists have considered cloning a Neanderthal baby. Do you think it would be ethical to do so? Offer an ethical defense for your position—as to whether or not a Neanderthal baby ought to be cloned. See the following link for further reading: 



Papers should be no less than four full-pages in length. In addition, they should be typed as well as doubled-spaced. Avoid using online references like Wikipedia. Proper grammar and mechanics are extremely important, insofar as they add to the clarity of your argument(s)—however, essays that contain an excessive number of grammatical and semantic errors will receive a significant grade reduction. Lastly, plagiarism will not be tolerated, so make certain that your essays conform to a standard like MLA, APA, or 

The Chicago Manual of Style. Essays are due at the beginning of class, in hard copy format, on October 19 at 8.00 Am 


NATURAL LAW THEORIES: CLONING THE NEANDERTHAL BABY Name: Institution: Course: Tutor: Date of submission: The question on whether to clone the Neanderthal man has constantly been raising debates across the globe. The hardest part about this issue has been the kind of progress in human cloning that would make this process ethical. In the past, cloning experiments have gone wrong. This means that knowledge on cloning is sketchy or the complexity of the process is beyond the current cloning knowledge base. Owing to this reason, we do not know what the consequences would be. It has been proven that humans do not share a similar brain with the Neanderthal man. Thus, the level of consciousness for humans and Neanderthals is quite different. It is assumed that the Neanderthal man had a speech but this does not add up as it is merely an assumption. Therefore, many people have regarded this whole process as unethical concerning the uncertainties associated with it. Christians have been in the frontline in


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