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Natural disasters can occur anywhere in the world at any time. Are you prepared for a natural disaster?

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Journal #8

Due Tuesday, March 12

lines (single space, continuous, with standard margins) handwritten on
standard size, white, college ruled binder/filler paper.

Write your
full name
on upper
corner of your paper.

journal # and due date
should be written in the upper
corner of the page.

Staple your journal pages together in the top left corner before coming to class. Journals,
and all homework, is due at the beginning of class.
Write on any (or all) of the following questions. Make sure to write on AT LEAST 2
different topics.
1.   Natural disasters can occur anywhere in the world at any time. Are you prepared for a
natural disaster? Do you have a family plan? Do you have an emergency kit? Did you
remember to include special needs (medicine, youth, elderly, and/or your pets) in your
2.   Have you ever experienced a natural disaster? If yes, what happened? Which natural
disaster do you think is scariest? Which natural disaster is most likely to happen in your
native country? Which natural disaster is most likely to happen where you live now?
3.   Chapter 8 in
Living in the USA
is titled
Amusing Memories
. What is the most amusing
thing that has ever happened to you? (Sometimes, it’s not amusing at the time, but it is
amusing later.) Write about it as if you were writing a story for chapter 8.
4.   Do you have any artistic skills? Do you play a musical instrument? Dance? Paint? Write?
When did you first know you had this skill (or wanted this skill)? How have you
developed it? How much time did you spend (or do you spend) developing this skill?
5.   Every country and culture have different holidays. Is there any holiday that is widely
celebrated in the United States that you do not understand or want to know more about?
Also, why do you think holidays in the United States only last for one day? (Some
holidays in other countries last for longer periods of time.)
6.   If someone asked you to explain your culture (for example, to explain a special holiday,
traditional clothing, or a commonly used saying/word), how would you explain it to
them? Give specific examples to illustrate how you would explain your culture.
7.   A generous friend wants to buy you a gift. The cost is not important, but you must tell
them what you want today. What would you ask for and why?

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