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Myths, Legends, Folktales: Vampires, Origins, History, Where do Vampires Come From?

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Myths, Legends, Folktales: Vampires, Origins, History, Where do Vampires Come From?


Myths, Legends, Folktales Outline
5 Paragraphs (Introduction,details origin,variations,proven or debunked and conclusion)
Work cited page must be in correct MLA format
I. Origin/History
A. keywords: Vampires, Origins of Vampires, History of Vampires,Where do vampires come from ? 
II. Location of story
. location of story: Where did the story begin? Where is the story mainly told?
A. location of vampires: Where are vampires? 
III. Current/Factual evidence (if real or “debunked”)
. keywords: Are vampires real? Vampire fact or fiction? Vampire truth or myth? Vampires debunked?
IV. Reflect country’s culture
. keywords: how do vampires reflect the culture of a country?
V. how does it convey society’s morals/values/superstitions
. keywords:Vampires and morals/values? Vampires and superstitions?
A. how does culture influence the myth
B. keywords: Does culture influence vampire myths,folklore and etc. 
VI. Debate and Controversy
A. keywords: Vampire controversy Vampire debates
Vampires - Myth Encyclopedia - names, famous, evil
… » Tr-Wa » Vampires - Myth Encyclopedia Vampires In European folklore, a… become vampires because demons or evil spirits enter their bodies. Vampires are… Comment: (50-4000 characters) Vampires - Myth Encyclopedia forum « Valkyries…


Name: Institution: Course: Tutor: Date: Vampires Introduction Vampires have been in folklore in every society across the world since ancient times. According to the European folklore, corpse that leave their grave at night to drink blood from the living by taking a bite from their neck directly on the carotid artery using their long pointed canine teeth are called vampires (Halldorson 4). As defined by Gottlieb a vampire is an imaginary being in many folklores characterized by their thirst from blood. Older versions of vampires were only thought to be supernatural beings (30). In recent years including the current generations, vampires are regarded as human beings with demonic powers. In Egypt folklore, vampires were born out of sorcery, while in Asi


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