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My Human Growth and Development, Physical, Cognitive and Social Changes, Empirical studies

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Late Adulthood: My Human Growth and Development, Physical, Cognitive and Social Changes, Empirical studies


Using correct APA format Following the other modules/weeks, this one will conclude with the late adulthood part of life and finish with grief and dying. In reviewing this section, you will examine some of the major disorders that affect late adulthood. You will focus on the grief emotional response and how it is different for everyone. Finally, other cultures` approaches to the aging and death will be examined. Examine personal life choices and the effects for the last season of life. Examine spirituality and grief. Determine the difference between “young old” and “old old." Examine activity in the elderly. Identify the clinical needs in this developmental phase. Readings Presentation: Aging with Grace Presentation: Grief Website: Transitioning to Retirement – Mary and George Website: Hospice Care


Late adulthood Student’s Name: Institutional Affiliation: Late adulthood 1.0 My Human Growth and Development 1.1 Introduction Late adulthood is believed to be the period after 65years of age. During this period, many changes are bound to happen in an individual`s life. Most of these changes are determined by how an individual conducts their life before this period as well as during this period. Personal choices throughout an individual`s life can be a great determiner of how the late adulthood life will end up CITATION Sal08 l 1033 (Salthouse, 2008). These choices influence the emotional, social, spiritual as well as their financial situations in the late adulthood stage of their lives. 1.2 Physical, cognitive and social changes Some of the most notable changes in late adulthood include loss of elasticity of the skin, the time taken for a reaction slows subsequently and there is marked muscle strength decrease. There is also marked decrease of hearing and sight abilitiesCITATION Den l 1033 (Denburg, 2002). The eyes develop cloudy areas, otherwise known as cataracts that end up in vision loss in most cases. Taste, touch, and smell senses also diminish significantly and the immune system becomes weaker making the individual susceptible to a hoard of diseases. Respiratory and cardiovascular diseases are particularly common at this


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