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Multicultural Issues in Contemporary America

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Multicultural Issues in Contemporary America


Chabot College PSCN13-Multicultural Issues in Contemporary America Midterm INSTRUCTION: ANSWER ALL OF THE QUESTIONS BELOW, FROM 1-5. EACH QUESTION SHOULD HAVE 200 WORDS MINIMUM, TYPED.   DUE DATE, NO EXCEPTION; MONDAY, APRIL 13, 2014 IN CLASS. NO EXCEPTION.   EACH MIDTERM QUESTION IS WORTH 20 POINTS:   In 200 words or more, define equity as it relates to each of the following:         A. Race and Ethnicity     B. Social Class     C. Gender     D. Sexuality   2. We often fail to see our own ethnocentric beliefs, ideas, and behaviors, which result in our oppression of others who are difference from us. Give examples of your own ethnocentric beliefs, ideas, and behaviors that bring about your own oppression of others difference from you.   3. What makes it difficult for society to move into a more equitable world today? Give examples to support your assertions.   4. Compare and contrast privilege and oppression. Give examples to support your assertions.   5. In woo words or more for each of the general topics below, what is the most important lesson that you have learned in this class in terms of the following:   Race and Ethnicity    Social Class Gender Sexuality


Name: Task: Tutor: Date: Multicultural Issues in Contemporary America 1. Define equity as it relates to each of the following: Equality can be defined as fairness among all in the society regardless of the race, gender, social class and ethnic group of a person. Equality means that there should be no favors to a certain group or discrimination of a certain group. The below terms are related to equality in the following way: Race and Ethnicity- Race can be defined a group of people where certain people come i.e. the blacks and the whites; whereas on the other hand, ethnicity is the community or small group that a person hails from. Equality should exist in all people despite the race and the ethnic group that they may be coming from. No one should be discriminated against because of his race or ethnic group Social Class- social class refers to the different status of people in the society. Example, the r


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