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Most modules in this course include discussion activities

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1.2 – Student Introductions Discussion

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Discussions Overview

Most modules in this course include discussion activities. Discussions are an integral part of your learning in this course. You are encouraged and expected to participate in online discussions throughout the course. Some discussions are graded, some discussions are not graded, but required, and some discussions are optional. But, in any case, regular and meaningful discussion postings are part of your final grade.

Refer to the discussion rubric for assistance in posting and replying to a classmate’s post. Rubrics are located in the .instructure.com/courses/42703/pages/course-grading-guidelines-and-rubrics”>Course Specific.instructure.com/courses/42703/pages/course-grading-guidelines-and-rubrics”>Resources section of this course. Print and keep them on hand, because they are not included in subsequent activities.

  • .pdf” href=”https://erau.instructure.com/courses/42703/files/7330216/download?wrap=1″>Discussion Rubric.instructure.com/courses/42703/files/7330216/download?wrap=1″ title=”Preview the document”>Embry SFTY335 module 1.2 Discussion latest 2016  july.instructure.com/images/preview.png” alt=”Preview the document”>.instructure.com/courses/42703/files/7330216/download?wrap=1″ title=”View in a new window”>Embry SFTY335 module 1.2 Discussion latest 2016  july.instructure.com/images/popout.png” alt=”View in a new window”>

Discussion – Student Introductions

In this discussion activity, introduce yourself to your fellow classmates:

  • Compile a short biography, including:

    • What is your name?
    • What name do you prefer to be called, i.e., nickname?
    • In which time zone do you live?
    • Where do you live? (City, State)
    • What ERAU degree are you working toward?
    • What is your occupation?
    • What do you expect from this course?
    • What are the “hot topics” (war in Iraq, medical help for those injured in war, jobs, price of gasoline, health, etc.) that you’re concerned with?
    • What are some of your hobbies?
    • Optional: Attach a picture of yourself so the rest of us will know who we are communicating with during discussions.
    • Reply to at least two of your peers.

Read about your classmates, and start interacting with them.

This activity is ungraded, but required. A column for this activity in the Grade Center will contain a green checkmark once you have successfully completed the activity tasks.

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