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Models of Nursing Care

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Models of Nursing Care


Exceptional nurses are conscious of the anxiety and vulnerability that patients experience in the hands of their caregiver. This is a vital skill that nursing students must exercise in tandem with implementation of treatment plans. The purpose of this written paper is to discuss and reflect upon a patients’ experience (fact or fiction) of pain and suffering, and the care provided to them. This paper is not about why you wanted to become a nurse. Rather, it is a manifest of a patient’s personal encounter with health care workers, detailing ones thoughts, fears, and hopes. Share the positive as well as negative encounters. Suggestions to consider may include interviewing a family member or friend. You may choose to expose your own experience. This should still be cited correctly and written in third person. Include a picture that generally resembles some aspect of the experience. This does not necessarily need to be a photo of you or your interviewee, but may be retrieved online with proper citation. Provide insight into the patients’ expectations for nursing care – what are their needs and are they met? Finally, examine models of care that make hospitalization more patient-centered. Use the following link as an example of a nursing model of care that may improve the patient experience. http://www.nursingworld.org/MainMenuCategories/Policy-Advocacy/Positions-and-Resolutions/Issue-Briefs/Care-Delivery-Models.pdf Research other nursing models and/or theories for quality improvement. Consider the perspective of the patient to determine how a nurse can improve their ability to meet patient’s needs and enhance the quality of care.


Patient Care Experience Student Name: Institutional Affiliation: Date: Introduction Health care delivery with patient satisfaction in medical care remains significant challenges, even as our health care system is undergoing complex changes. Patient-centered care has gained acceptability among health care professionals and patients alike as an essential tool for ensuring the quality of patient care. Patient involvement in care is a crucial aspect that ensures that the care incorporates the needs of the patient. It is also vital to assess the quality of health from the patients’ perspective as this improves the health care quality by accelerating the implementation of patient-centered outcomes research. Patient experience of Nursing Care Peter has a diabetic foot. Diagnosed with diabetes at the age of 37 years he did not know what to do. Besides, he did not understand what to expect from the family, community and the hospital team. He has been in and out of the hospital for the past 35 years and this time he was amputated the second leg at the knee level. For the 35 years, diabetes has taken a lot from him For Peter, he has experienced a lot from the caregivers but the most recalled experience he had was the treatment he received in the care facility where he did the first leg amputation. For a person with experience, he vividly explains what we can call a different type of care from the previous carers or even the present carers. In an interview, the patient...

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