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Mod 3 Marketing Assignment (JTC 300): Intercultural

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Mod 3 Marketing Assignment (JTC 300): Intercultural


Mod 3 Assign: Intercultural


Complete this assignment in Microsoft Word. Attach the Word document for submission.


Step 1: You will research an individual country’s cultural and business norms and answer the questions to the scenario below.


You work for Pear, Inc., a computer technology company, and the company is looking to launch its product in a new region (ie. Your group region).  Your boss has asked you to gather all the information possible on cultural communication and business norms within your specific country.

Ex. You chose France so you will research the following bullets pertaining to French Business and Communication.

Your job is to research:

  1. Country Overview (language, size)
  2. Expectations (relationships, emotions, dress, presentation style)
  3. Communication (small talk, dress, presentation style, meetings, negotiations)
  4. Networking (dos and don’ts)
  5. Leadership & Organization (leadership style, decisions, gender and race in management, business hours, punctuality, team-work)
  6. Etiquette (greeting and leave-taking, dress code, gift-giving, hospitality, food and meetings around food)

Any additional pertinent information for success.

Step 2: For your presentation to your boss (your paper to me) pull out the key points for each category (such as communication, networking, etiquette, etc). that you find helpful for the sales team to succeed. Identify differences in acceptable business or cultural norms between the U.S. and another country of your choice. An example might be the use of formal titles, differences in handshakes, greetings, attire, timeliness, gender roles, etc. Explain how you might compensate for these differences if you needed to communication with someone from that particular country.

You will create a 2 page document listing your findings. This paper should include all 6 of the categories from the scenario above. Make sure to cite all sources in text and at end of paper.


Paper Outline

 Format: 2 pages, Double Spaced

Due: Sunday, June 26

Points: 15


Introduce your country and include country overview (spoken language(s), population, diversity, etc).

Thesis Statement

Body of Paper

I. Expectations

(relationships, emotions, dress, presentation style)

II. Communication

(small talk, dress, presentation style, meetings, negotiations)

III. Networking

(dos and don’ts)

IV. Leadership & Organization

(leadership style, decisions, gender and race in management, business hours, punctuality, team-work)

 V. Etiquette (greeting and leave-taking, dress code, gift-giving, hospitality, food and meetings around food)


Include restatement of thesis


Cite all references used and don’t forget in text citations as well





I came from China, so I prefer to choose China’s cultural and business norms.


MOD 3 ASSIGN: INTERCULTURAL Name: Institutional Affiliation: Mod 3 Assign: Intercultural Introduction China is known for its continuous oldest civilization, considered to have taken 4,000 years of verified history. The capital city of China is Beijing, known as the focal point of the nation’s economy (Cheung, & Chang, 2011). The primary official language of this nation is standard Chinese that was derived from a dialect known as Mandarin. However, most business individuals engage in English as a language of communication. China is also ruled by the communist form of government that promotes the element of atheism in as much as the nation’s constitution guarantees the freedom of religion. This establishes the fact that the Chinese populace practice several religions, however, the Confucianism element is considered as a formalized religion that is widely practice in this state (Lai, Tian, & Huo, 2012). On the other hand, it is integral to ascertain that the population of China is densely dispersed, with an approximate of 1.17 billion people. The element of diversity is significant in this nation especially in the areas of language since several business individuals from different economies have inhibited this economy with the aim of cond


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