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MNCs Labor Exploitation, Robeto Romano CNN

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Neoliberalism: MNCs Labor Exploitation, Robeto Romano CNN


Hi my paper I would like to focus on the big companies from developed countries exploiting people in developing countries. Then use quotations to prove my point 
he dominant classes or groups, such as an aristocracy or capitalists, to press and exploit other classes, such as peasants or workers. The state conducts polices, including foreign policy, according to the interests of the ruling classes. These Interests are the maximization on power and wealth at the expense of the social classes.” Global trafficking happens because they’re still so much social inequality, greediness, the wealth trying to get wealthier by advance of the poor, and the flexibility of the system which many times benefits the bourgeoisie letting the working class in disadvantage. For example, a video at CNN, Roberto Romano discuss about child slavery in Africa, “ children are been sold “for U$, 100, 125 or even U$ 200 to work on cocoa plantations.” The chocolate companies that trade with Africa are Americans and Europeans. The companies Headquarter is located is located in Switzerland. When asked to Romano, why haven’t big corporations done anything yet to stop child slavery in the cocoa plantation? He answered, “ The companies have their eyes focus in stock holder and market, not in the children.” .
Robeto Romano CNN. The Dark Side of Chocolate. http://thecnnfreedomproject.blogs.cnn.com/2011/04/06/the-dark-side-of-chocolate/
Robeto Romano CNN. The Dark Side of Chocolate. http://thecnnfreedomproject.blogs.cnn.com/2011/04/06/the-dark-side-of-chocolate/
the existing paper
i have a draft and it is more broad topic 
Pay extra attention to writing a thesis statement
it must be very specific and not general
not only example and quotation but also the thesis and the entire paper must be focused one. I don`t need a broad topic 
THE WRITER can SEND me and explain to me which is going to be the thesis statement 
Guidelines for Short Essays
For your short essays, you will elaborate on one of your chosen issues from the discussions. You will write an evidence-based argumentative/persuasive essay (think along the lines of news editorials). Present a thesis, make points, support with evidence, and come to a conclusion. Demonstrate your knowledge of globalization concepts and your ability to apply them to current society. Feel free to run your idea by me first.
Format: 4 pages (not including reference page); proper formatting; hand in as hardcopy at the beginning of
Five Sources
- At least one scholarly article from our syllabus (including optional readings)
- At least one news article
- External sources
Depth of analysis
Paper goes beyond the assignment to explore the implications of arguments or evidence in new contexts or in particularly thoughtful, insightful, and/or original ways. Paper shows a nuanced grasp of course content and the ability to apply these principles with facility.
Grasp of reading(s)
The paper not only uses terminology and concepts introduced in the class, it uses them to advance, and Elucidate its arguments. Demonstrates a firm understanding of the implications of the author’s arguments, evidence, and conclusion. Shows strong connection between current events issue and readings
Thesis paragraph
Clearly and eloquently identifies a demonstrable and nuanced central argument.Reveals the organizational structure of the paper and provides the reader with a clear sense of the nature of evidence that will follow. Guides the reader smoothly and logically into the body of the paper.
Evidence used to support the central point is rich, detailed and well chosen. Evidence sections employ
appropriate illustrations and/or quotations. The connection between argument and evidence is clearly and compellingly articulated in all cases. (Where applicable)
Important opposing evidence (i.e. evidence that might seem to contradict your argument) is considered and convincingly refuted.
Elegantly synthesizes and reframes key points from the paper. Suggests new perspectives or questions relevant to the central argument, and brings closure.
Organization of paper as a whole is logical and quickly apparent. Connections among paragraphs are clearly articulated. Transitions between paragraphs are smooth. Every paragraph makes one distinct and coherent point, expressed in a clear topic sentence; the parts of each paragraph connect logically and persuasively, and internal transitions are smooth.
All sources are properly cited and referenced with no formatting mistakes.


Name: Institutional Affiliation: Professor: Course: Date: Introduction This paper aims at discoursing on the roles that are played by several stakeholders with the aim of improving the labor standards in developing countries, with particular emphasis on the poignant role of some of the multinational corporations (MNCs) that have been noted as rather exploitive to different developing economies. It is essential to note that the MNCs are often required to improve the labor standards within the developing economies through the incorporation of other key players such as the donor agencies, and the national and international labor unions that engage in economic contexts (Mayer, p605). However, these roles have never been realized considering the fact that the MNCs are directed towards the achievement of profits while the developing countries are caught up in the exploitation of its human resources. This paper therefore seeks to conduct a study aimed at determining the manner in which the MNCs in developing countries exploit human resources. Thesis: The aspect of free trade has opened trade opportunities for different multinational organizations to operate in developing economies within the globalized business world. However, free trade does not warrant for the benefiting of economic elites from develop


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