Aug 09, 2017

Military/War Experience

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Military/War Experience

Robert Leckie once observed that “the wars fought by the United States during the first 100 years of its existence had virtually nothing in common with each other.” Defend or reject this statement. Be sure to consider the enemy fought, the tactics used, the weaponry, and the life of the average soldier. Be sure to use two specific quotes from this book "Ordinary Courage" 3rd edition (the revolutionary war adventures of joseph plumb martin) edited by James Kirby Martin. Also make sure it is a well-written paper without any grammar mistakes, etc. DO NOT PLAGIARIZE!
Military/War ExperienceName:Institution:Course:Course Instructor:Date Due: According to the books written during the war between America and other nations, the comment by Robert Leckie “the wars fought by the United States during the first 100 years of its existence had virtually nothing in common with each other” is not true. This is because of the similarity in the events that took place during that time. In these wars, no American soldier`s story or war events were recorded, Mass (1999). Only American bodies were seen well clothed and intact. This was a common characteristic in all the wars that American soldiers fought at that time, as recorded in several books and literature.According to Wayne (1984), the soldiers never showed any element of suffering even after being wounded. This is a surprising scenario, owing to the traumatic events that took place during the wars. It is noted that all the soldiers were physically fit, courageous and cheerful. Most writers note that, it is a mistake to think that dismembering was a common characteristic of the war. Accordingly, the war battlefield included use of machetes, swords and even the worst being the use of bombs and machine guns. Further, the use of explosive materials became eminent in these wars. The writers note that there was a lot of similarity in the tradition and the technique used by the military in the war. The ability of the soldiers to face their unpleasant war environment like major craft crash courageously was a unique characteristic of these wars.According to martin, one of the writers of the war stories and a soldier during the war period argues that there were a lot of similarities in the war. Based on his experience and observat...

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