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Migrants from Countryside to the city

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Migrants from Countryside to the city


Formal Paper # 4 Due:Wed, July 30, 2014 Word count: 700-900 Format:Analysis of a book Write a paper that analyzes the techniques that Leslie Chang uses in Factory Girls. Determine how successful these techniques were and if they achieved their presumed aim (ie to create an authentic account of the difficulties and challenges of migrating to factory work in China). 1. Provide 1-6 sentences of broad context before you INTRODUCE THE BOOK, AUTHOR, AND DATE. v 2.. Make sure you have a carefully constructed thesis that you have located at the end of your first (introductory) paragraph. 3.Make sure that each body paragraph is focused on a single “technique” or two closely related techniques. 4. Make sure that each body paragraph contains sufficient evidence (a good average is 3 citations per body paragraph). 5. Use the MLA citation form EXACTLY. 6. For the conclusion reflect on how well you have come to know the primary women that Chang reports on, Min and Wu. 1) authentic sounding narrative because of imported documents ( emails, signs. )

NameCourseInstructorDate Migrants from Country side to the cityIn Factory Girls, immigration plays a prominent role in transforming the lives of ordinary Chinese and China in general. The factory workers who provide cheap labor are not there simply to produce, but mainly to earn a living out of their own free will. The forces of globalization have made his possible, with cheap labor enabling China to become a big player in the international market. However, young unmarried people faced family resistance in the early 1990’s when going to work in Chinese towns (Chang 285). Child labor also features in the story, as there were children who started working at twelve years of age (Chang 286). This paper highlights on the techniques of theme foreshadowing, scenes characterization, dialogue and flashback as used in Factory Girls by Leslie T Chang to portray migrant workers from Chinese countryside to cities. The main theme of the story is that Chinese migration from rural areas to cities in transforming the country. Focusing on two characters, the story revolves around the lives of factory workers and their concerns about life in the industrial city. Even though, the country espouses communism, capitalism is at the heart of transformation where profits have driven businesses to use cheap labor in factories particularly young women from rural areas. The sheer scale of labor force required in the factories in Dongguan capture the emerging trends in the country where growth in industrial scale projects and labor requirements are enormous (Chang 8). Wu one of the characters in the story describes her life working 14 hours with little pay as a teenager, and her narration is similar to that of Min who has also worked under strenuous factory conditions (Chang 100). The use of foreshadowing highlights on what is expected about the lives of migrant workers in Chinese factories. It is the choice of the workers to work in the factories, but it is not easy to make friendships in the factories (Chang 1). The ...

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