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MHD508 Module 4 - SLP

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MHD508 Module 4 - SLP


THE LAST PAPER RECEIVED AN F. PLEASE RIGHT IN YOUR OWN WORDS. WRITE CHECK DOESNT CHECK FOR MY PROGRAMS PAPER MHD508 Module 4 - SLP HEALTH BEHAVIOR: ORGANIZATION, COMMUNITY, AND SOCIETAL DETERMINANTS Session Long Project In accordance with your professional area of interest, search the health education literature for 3-4 journal articles that address behavioral risk factors within the following contexts: 3 A particular theory/model of health behavior pertaining to organizational, community, and societal determinants. 4 An aspect of health behavior that is of particular relevance to your goals/interests in health education. Provide summaries of the 3-4 articles that you selected. See http://www.nchec.org/assets/2251/areas_of_responsibilities_and_competencies.pdf and below for a list of relevant National Commission for Health Education Credentialing (NCHEC) Competencies. Area I: Assess Needs, Resources, and Capacity for Health Education Competency 1.4 Examine Relationships among Behavioral, Environmental and Genetic Factors That Enhance or Compromise Health 1.4.1-Identify factors that influence health behaviors 1.4.2-Analyze factors that influence health behaviors 1.4.3-Identify factors that enhance or compromise health 1.4.3-Analyze factors that enhance or compromise health Your paper should be 2-4 pages in length. Appropriately cite sources of information in the text and list them at the end. SLP Assignment Expectations • You are expected to consult the scholarly literature in preparing your paper; you are also expected to incorporate relevant background readings. • Your paper should be written in your own words. This will enable me to assess your level of understanding. • Proofread your paper to ensure that grammar and punctuation are correct, that reference citations conform to APA guidelines, and that each part of the assignment has been addressed clearly and completely. • Length: 3-4 peer-reviewed sources, cited and annotated; 2–4 double-spaced pages.


MHD508 Module 4 – SLP Student`s Name Institutional Affiliation MHD508 Module 4 – SLP Dick Saarloos, Jae-Eun Kim and Harry Timmermans. (2009). The built environment and health: Introducing Individual Space-Time Behavior. Many scholars have been focusing on the relationship between the general environment and health but they have failed to explain how the environment influences health behaviors. Also, others have focused on intervention strategies on the targeted population but they have not fully implemented a model that can help individuals. Therefore, this article proposes a model that can be used to understand and predict how the individuals interact w...

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