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Mexican Rite of Passage

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Mexican Rite of Passage


You will write about a ritual or rite of passage associated with Mexican / Chicano culture. The research paper must be 4 doubled spaced, types pages in length. Your report must be organized as follows: Part 1: The ritual: address the origins of the ritual and include the who, what,when, where, why and how of the ritual. Part 2: The Analysis: In order to analyze the ritual it is required that you use three steps process associated with analyzing ritual.the three step process involves: separation phase, liminal phase and reincorporation phase. also explain the use of dominant symbol and the meanings attached to them. Part 3: Meta-Analysis: In this final section the larger purpose of this assignment is your experience as an anthropologist. Please discuss your experience , the challenges, the benefits ,limitations and importance of this assignment. * Be sure to try to observe a ritual or rite of passage as it is taking place to more effectively analyze the ritual process. -Examples of rites of passage: 1. Quinceanera 2.Marriage 3.Baptism 4.Funeral 5.Sun Dancers -Examples of rituals: 1 Dia de los Muertos 2. Dia de la Virgen Blessing of a burial site 4.Sunrise ceremonies 5.Curanderismo(traditional healing)


Name: Instructor: Course: Date: Mexican Rite of Passage Mexican culture is characterized by loving parties and Mexico is hugely recognized as a place where excellent wedding occasions take place. The wedding rituals involves a ceremony where two people getting married are joined together by families and friends to mark the rite of passage. MacDougall (254) stipulate that Mexicans have passion and for the most part of traditional religious fever, marriage rituals always differ from marriages from other culture. Marriage ceremonies conducted by a priest between to people who want to be married. Mexican culture does not allow homosexual thus marriage ceremonies only takes place in a heterosexual marriage. Mexicans weddings base on couples love, union and cultural heritage. According to Turner & Victor (5), Mexican weddings consists of a blend of customary Catholic and cultural essentials. Most Mexican weddings involve a Catholic mass done in homage to Mexico dedication to Virgin of Guadalupe. In Catholic mass, the couple present flowers to Virgin Mary, who intercedes prayers for them. Native Mexican traditions dictate that red rose beads be tossed while exiting the church to symbolize good luck. Lazo that could be a white ribbon or


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