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Mexican Migration: Migration of People is an Age-old Phenomenon

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Mexican Migration: Migration of People is an Age-old Phenomenon


Write a well-organized, professionally documented argumentative research paper. Your paper should address the research issue you identified in Module 1, discuss the authors you cited in the annotated bibliography, and add your own perspective on the issue. You are evaluating the work of professionals in your field and also adding your voice to the professional conversation. Your draft should be 8-10 pages in length, not including the References/Works Cited page, title page, and abstract.

In the introduction, you should present the issue, provide background (history or context of the issue, its importance), and state the claim you are making and will support in the remainder of the paper. This claim, or thesis statement, should be the very last sentence of your introduction. In the body of the paper, you need to present reasons to support your claim and evidence to support your reasons. You also need to summarize and respond to opposing views (counterarguments) at some point.
You will receive feedback based on your ability to present the issue at hand and your ability to present effective reasons that are supported with legitimate evidence. Your reasons also need to include a response to counterarguments that you might understandably expect. You will not be evaluated on the position you take (your “opinion”) but on how well you support your position.

This paper will be critiqued using these main criteria:
1. Content of the paper according to the elements and structure described above.
2. Appropriate use of source material (quotations, paraphrasing, summary).
3. Readability (grammatical, spelling, effective sentence structure).
4. Appropriate documentation style for your major (APA or MLA formatting).


Mexican Migration Carolyn Nguyen Excelsior College Mexican Migration Introduction Migration of people is an age-old phenomenon. It has been part and parcel of human existence, and has played a huge part in the sociopolitical and socioeconomic order that has shaped the present. There are numerous reasons that immigrants might cite as the driving force behind numerous instances of migration. One of the present largest human migrations involves the movement of Mexicans from their home country, North into the United States. There are a number of push and pull factors that facilitate such migration (Jackson, n.d.).Among the push factors include the high rates of crime within the Mexican borders, which are usually contributed to a large extent by drugs. There is also a high rate of unemployment in Mexico, which forces them to move northwards, seeking for opportunities. Among the pull factors include the better living standards in the United States than in Mexico, a large Mexican community in the United States which makes it easier for these migrants to easily fit in (Jackson, n.d.).With the migration come numerous impacts, both positive and negative, to either side of the divide. The Mexican immigration has more advantages than the disadvantages to the American economy, they include, provision of cheap labor, introduction of new skills and competencies to the U.S and cultural benefits to the local communities in the United States. Mexican Migration Inte...

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