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Mercy Killing

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Mercy Killing


I will need a rough draft send to me on 10/20/2015 at 8am, Eastern time. please note that this essay will be screened by the instructor through turn it in.com.

To begin, read Development by Definition, pages 247-252 in your textbook. Then, choose one of the reasons for providing a definition on page 248, and choose the term you will define. Your topic should not be obvious, boring, or mundane; it should be a term that warrants explanation and is interesting. Pages 251-252 provide topic ideas. As with the last essay, you should pick a topic that you know a lot about, so that you can provide vivid details. Good writers write about what they know.

Select a method (or several methods) of development from pages 249-250. Ten strategies are listed here. You might choose three, and use one for each body paragraph. Think about how you can most vividly illustrate what this term means.

Your audience for this assignment is a formal, academic audience. Avoid "I" and "you," along with slang, cliches, and contractions.

Your essay will be graded on thesis, organization, support, style, and grammar.

Length requirement: 750 words, minimum

Source requirement: You should quote from one source for this essay: an online dictionary or encyclopedia. You may use the dictionary definition in your introduction, as a starting-off point, or anywhere in your essay. Remember, though, that the purpose of your essay is to develop ONE definition: your own. Use the dictionary to support or to contrast your own definition, in some way. The content of your essay may develop the dictionary definition through examples and explanations, or it may explain how the dictionary definition is inaccurate, or doesn`t go far enough. Your source must be cited in-text and on a Works Cited page, using MLA format. MLA reference pages in your textbook are 392-394, 399-401, and 408-410.

This is the ISBN: 9781133547020 of the textbook we are using

Please make sure you follow the instructions and the cited page suppose to on different page. And please please please please make sure I get it on 24th morning . Please please please .


Name: Subject: Tutor: Date of submission: Mercy Killing Mercy Killing Mercy killing is a term that refers to the controversial act of relieving someone off his or her misery through painless death. It is also referred to as good death, physician assisted suicide or euthanasia. The term euthanasia is of Greek origin which means good death. Its literal meaning is letting someone pass by having painless death in cases where there is no cure or signs of ever getting to recover. Life’s purpose is to live in a purposeful way and lets others enjoy it too, until old age. However, the various instances that call for euthanasia arise in different circumstances, which can be at birth, medical error or at point of death. There are instances where children are born with defects such as being mentally or physically handicapped. T


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