Aug 11, 2017

Medicare and Medicaid Case

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BHS 450 Medicare and Medicaid Case

The focus of this module`s case assignment is on Medicare and Medicaid which are government run health care programs. There is constant great debate about the solvency of the program and its doomed future; thus, discussion of the issues is only appropriate in a course on health care delivery systems. Assignment expectations: Distinguish between Medicare and Medicaid. Discuss how has Medicare evolved to accommodate the changing needs of society. Do not just go through the timeline – read the materials, think about how society has changed, and explain how Medicare has changed to meet those needs. Discuss the impact of health care reform initiatives on Medicare/Medicaid. Limit your paper to 2-3 pages. Be sure to properly cite all references. Case expectations: Please be sure to cite all sources and provide a reference list at the end of the paper (at least 3 references). The length of your paper should be 2-3 pages typed and single-spaced. Please prepare your work using appropriate format. Required Readings Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (2007). Overview. Retrieved May 2, 2012 from Hill, J.E. (2006). The Coming Revolution in Healthcare. Vital Speeches of the Day, 72(26), 774-777. Kaiser Family Foundation (2002). Fact Sheet on Children`s Health—Why Health Insurance Matters. Retrieve May 2, 2012 from Click on the Fact Sheet link on the page. Required Websites Kaiser Family Foundation (2002). Medicare Basics Tutorial (12-minute audio presentation). Retrieved May 2, 2012 from 101/Medicare101.html. Kaiser Family Foundation (2002). Medicaid 101 Tutorial (17-minute audio presentation). Retrieved from May 2, 2012 Optional Readings Kaiser Family Foundation publishes fact sheets highlighting key facts and statistics about the Medicare program, including -- "Medicare at a Glance," "The Medicare Prescription Drug Benefit," "Medicare Spending and Financing," and "Medicare Advantage". Kaiser Family Foundation (2005). Enrolling Uninsured Low-Income Children in Medicaid and S-CHIP. Retrieved May 2, 2012 from
Medicare and Medicaid Case Student name: Student number: School name: Introduction Medicare and Medicaid are both government funded programs designed to cover healthcare costs. These programs were established by the government in 1965 and are funded by taxpayers` money. Medicare is a long term program for the elderly whereas Medicaid cover covers healthcare costs for the poor Americans. The two terms however, confuses most people because of their similarities but in a real sense, they are different in terms of eligibility and coverage. Distinguish between Medicare and Medicaid Medicare This federal program is attached to social security and is available to all senior citizens of USA (aged sixty five years) and above regardless of their income level. The program also covers medical costs of people with certain disabilities. The program is divided into four parts which include: Hospitalization coverage Medical insurance Privately purchased supplemental insurance Prescription drug coverage Prescribed drug coverage was added to this program in 2006. Part A and B are paid for by payroll taxes and social security income deductions. Part C and D are paid by program participants, (Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, 2007). Medicaid This is a joint program by the state and federal governments that cover medical costs for the low income individuals and families. The more affluent states receive less funding from the government compared to less affluent states which receive more funding. There are 50 programs, one for each state with the federal government funding up to half of the cost in their respective jurisdictions. In contrast to Medicare, these programs have strict eligibility requirements which vary across ...

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