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Matthew 5:17-20: The Law of Moses Review Assignment

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Matthew 5:17-20: The Law of Moses Review Assignment


I must have two jounerals with in the 8 sources of the bibliography font needs to be Times New Roman 12 pt single space each citation but double space between different citations, the first line of each citation should not be indented, but every line of the citation after the first should be changing indent. Alphabetical order by last name,footnotes and bibliography not a page count, paper type double space 12 point font Turabian form 1 inch margins scholarly literature , You Can Not use internet sourrces when begining a sentence with a bible verse write out the verse but with in a sentence abbreviate it, here is a list of sources are prohibited PROHIBITED Kenneth Copeland, Creflo Dollar, Kenneth Hagan Benny Hinn, Dave Hunt, TD Jakes, John Macaruther, Joyce Meyers, Joel Olsteen, Charles F Stanley Charles Swindoll Warren Wiersbe , Study Bibles Bible Versions, Pulpit commentaries . websites, do not use first person or second person, only use third stick to either past or present tense, I know you got this down , but the date , audience, the things going on durning that time is important, introduce passage capture the intrest of the reader a great thesis, you know all this stuff , conclusion about a half of page, the author matthew relationship with the audience the context


Matthew 5: 17-20 Insert Name: Name of the Institution: Due Date: Introduction The strong statements regarding the validity of the Law of Moses, ascribed to Christ in Mathew 5:17-20, have triggered much difficulty to most Christian interpreters. The passage troubles many Christian interpreters since it contradicts their theology. Typically, many Christian interpreters classify their scriptures into dispensations. They define The Old Testament as the Dispensation of the Law whereas the New Testament as the Dispensation of the Grace. But Mathew 5:17-20 is directly opposite to such theology. Consequently, many Christian interpreters twist the verse 17 of Jesus’ words to imply just opposite to what He claimed. Therefore, most Christian interpreters argue that Christ kept the law, so people don’t have to. On the other hand, others argue that Christ fulfilled the law, so people can simply ignore it. This paper analyzes two journals including works of other authors to give a true interpretation and meaning of the passage, so that to dispel rumors and misunderstandings pointed out in the passage. Journal by Stringer Johnny: Jesus and the law (Mathew 5:17-20) This journal explains that Christ did not want people to think that he was contradicting the Old Testament prophets and the Law of Moses. In the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus corrected the assumption, which people had and taught them to respect the law. Jesus emphasizes that whether or not an individual ...

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