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Manufacturers and marketers

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Manufacturers and marketers


write a paragraph about each discussion read. tell what you think about it and if you agree/disagree, any questions, etc. Discussion 1: The first handheld gaming system created was the Nintendo Game Boy, conceived and produced in Japan by Gunpei Yokoi and his Nintendo team in 1987. It was released for purchase to the Japanese market in 1989 and exceeded sales expectations after three years with a total sale of 32 million units. Many markets throughout the world bring this product to completion. Nintendo contracted many different companies in several countries to create internal and external components of their specialty and assembled a handheld gaming system at the lowest possible cost to consumers. One can open up the system and find some parts from Mexico and others from Japan. Samsung is a company that produces components in Korea. Apple is an American company, but it utilizes Japan for its components. China is well known to supply and build various components for handheld gaming systems. By employing global companies to create components for the Game Boy, Nintendo was able to create an increased demand for supply because the costs were kept as low as possible. More consumers could afford the unit, and therefore, more individuals purchased it, which increased the demand for more units. Eventually, as newer technology was developed, the Game Boy declined in purchases in favor of a new model (such as the Game Boy Advance and so on), and demand decreased, thus decreasing supply as well. It is in the best interest of the many companies to cooperate because there is an increase in productivity which lowers the cost of producing the device and increases the supply. Each company specializes in a different part of the Game Boy, which gives it the best possible change of reaching as many consumers as possible. If the productivity of the components decrease, then so does the supply, making it less accessible to consumers. Works Cited "Nintendo Game Boy (History, Specs, Pictures)." CyberiaPC.com. N.p., n.d. Web. 12 September. 2014. Discussion 2: The product I researched was books. Marketers bring this product into existence by using virtual websites. They use sites like Amazon, EBay, Textbook, and Barnes and Nobles. They make it convenient for people to purchase them at more than one site. Bookstores, Distributors and Wholesalers are usually the markets involved when it comes to books. Bookstores use to order directly from publishers, but no longer do so because they prefer fewer vendors that allow quicker service. This can affect the change in supply and demand. If one website has a particular book that is at a lower price then another, that website will be in demand allowing them to supply more books to their customers. The way the change in supply and demand has changed the market is the competition that is out there to purchase books especially college textbooks. There are a large number of identical suppliers and demanders of the same product. Buyers and sellers can find each other at no cost. The different websites used to sell books have enabled many participants to cooperate with production. It has allowed everyone to compete to sell a book at a reasonable price, sometimes lower than the next vendor. The other affect this production has allowed buyers and sellers to make and save money by searching for the best deal virtually.

Manufacturers and marketersName:Course:Tutor:Date: In marketing, everything revolves around the seller and the buyer. In almost all times, even when a commodity is of a high value, the buyer may not be away of it until the seller brings it to the market. Hardly do we think of the manufacturers when purchasing goods. Where manufacturing comes to influence the choices made to purchase a certain commodity, there is usually a unique process that is incorporated in the production of the good that leads to the overall effect on the buyers and sellers point of view. Take two cases for example, the Nin...

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