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Managing problems and increase participation with ESL students

Managing problems and increase participation with ESL students

You are the teacher of a higher beginner level ESL class. It`s way through your course and notice that a small group of students are not engage in the course despite regular attendance. the student complete only the minimum amount of work required ,speak to each other unless spoken to directly, but do not participate in class. You are concerned about these students and unclear about what is causing such a high level of disengagement. Based on this scenario respond, how many are in the class, their L1s, the focus of the course, who these disengaged students are-age, L1, fairly situation abilities in English.
List possible reasons why these students might be disengaged from course.Link the reasons to some of the theoretical issues know and show how these theoretical issues help to understand these students` behaviour.The reasons should be informed by whatever details provided above.

Possible reason.......

Theoretical Issue.....

Taking the above identified possible reasons as the cause of the students disengagement describe how you would address these students situation in your class. Be specific about the classroom procedures you would employ. Why you have made the decisions and how they tie back to appropriate theoretical issues/readings.

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