Jul 21, 2017

Management Theory and Practice #2

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Management Theory and Practice


Hi I want you to work on my assignment as a following: Title: Environmental analysis Purpose: To analyse the external operating environment of the organisation you have selected (I already selected Optus). Length: 1000 words (not including references and citations) Your task: You will describe the external operating environment of the organisation, analysing the information such that it can be used as a guide to provide options for strategic decision making. Approval an Australian organisation of interest to me is OPTUS. NOTE: I will provide similar topic for the same company. I need you to do a new assignment for me and use the assignment as a guide (Its very important that you not copy it but in the same time this sample assignment got High grade). MUST BE FREE PLAGIARISM COS THE SAMPLE ASSIGNMENT HAS SUBMITTED VIA CHECKER ON THE PAST. Also, our lecturer suggested that to think about using a PEST(LE) analysis or other analytical framework that focuses on the external environment to make more efficient use of your word count Thanks have selected TOP WRITER, hope you choose one of the tops who can make the high quality paper on time and who USE to sample assignment as a guide (Sample assignment got very high grade so I want to follow it but MUST be free plagiarism

Management Theory and PracticeNameCourseCollegeTutorAugust 16, 2014Management Theory and PracticeIntroductionOrganizational external environment consist of all the entities existing outside its operational periphery but garners significant influence on its growth and continued existence. Although the external factors are not inherently embedded in business operations they affect its functions. Whilst some external factors in business operations can be manipulated through marketing, often an organization has minimal or null control over its immediate business environment (Schermerhorn et al, 2014). It is therefore the mandate of the management team to continually scrutinize and acclimatize the organization to the external change through proactive and reactive response to make sure that its existence is not throttled by external factors. In relation to this research, SingleTel Optus PVT Limited has been chosen. The researcher will expound on the external factors affecting business in the Australian context giving consideration to the political climate, social cultural tenets, technological and natural environment and how they have affected the productivity or failure of the company.SingleTel Optus PVT Limited: Brief IndicationBefore its privatization, SingleTel Optus PVT Limited was originally known as Aussat Pty Limited. The company went on a name changing bender and finally to its present name. Singtel Optus Pty Limited is a mammoth organization spawning massive profits; it’s renowned for being the second largest telecommunication organization in Australia. In order to penetrate a huge cluster of the telecommunication market the company is a totally owned subsidiary of Singtel (ASX: SGT). At the same time however, the company maintains its own subsidiary branches such Virgin Mobile Australia and Alphawest which operates generally in the ICT sector.Any business which aspiring to grow and prosper, must have a sound management team with the ability to foresee, identify and deal with change in both their internal and external business environment. Since change is a certainty, businesses must be in a position to identify any change and adapt their business operations to take full advantage of the change. For the purposes of analyzing the peripheral environment of SingleTel Optus PVT Limited, PESTLE analysis model is utilized in this research to help in considering the potential impact of influences in the organizational macro-environment. This model will help to identify business changes in the outside world in a planned manner. Since the external environment in which the organization operates is extensive and complex, PESTLE model will be utilized with the aim of examini...

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