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Management of Virtual Teams

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Management of Virtual Teams


***NOTE-There is already a written paper on this site for the exact topic and questions. PLEASE write an original one to this topic, , NO Plagiarism please!!!***. After reading and analyzing the following cases and articles in relation to the below readings, write, answer and discuss in depth a 4 or more FULL page paper on the following topic: (PLEASE Not 3 and a 1 one half pages, 4 FULL pages please or more, please write a little more if you can):;;;_______________


""Five significant ideas about the management of virtual teams that could be usefully assessed by conducting systematic organizational research"""

"Your task in this paper is to identify FIVE 5 significant questions regarding the management of virtual teams that relate to "practice wisdom" advice found in the readings, that you believe are sufficiently important that good quality research might help resolve their validity. Trivial questions don`t really warrant research, because the research costs money and other resources that are in scarce supply. We want to reserve our research resources to address those questions that really seem important to practice—particularly issues where the practice wisdom might be divided, with one group saying one set of things and one group another, or where there is no advice available at all. So what you`re looking for in the blogs are situations where advice seems to contradict other advice, or where advice given seems to contradict your own intuition or common sense, or otherwise where ambiguity seems to exist. The two systematic research studies will give you an idea of how such research might be done.

When you identify some topic of interest, you should be able to specify and answer The research questions itself; 1.)_what are we trying to find out?

2.)_Why is this question interesting? 

3.)_Who might care what the results would be"

4.)_Where might we do such a study? How might we carry it out? (Please note: You`re not being assessed here on the quality of your research expertise; just give us some general ideas about how you think we might answer your question.)

5.)_What would you expect the results to be?

6.)_Any other thoughts or ideas you might have regarding this research issue.

So your paper is to consist of your thoughts on these questions regarding each of the 5 issues that you have been able to identify from your perusal of the readings of virtual teams.

Your research recommendations need to be supported by the literature and the evidence. Obviously, as noted below, this will obligate you to actually be able to present such evidence in an academically respectable manner.

***You Will Be Particularly Assessed On the following***

#1.)__Your ability to see what the module is all about and to structure your paper accordingly.

#2.)__Your informed commentary and analysis—simply repeating what your sources say does not constitute an adequate paper.

#3.)__Your ability to apply the professional language and terminology of management and virtual teams correctly and in context; you are expected to be familiar with this language and use it appropriately.

#4.)___Your effective and appropriate use of in-text citations to the assigned readings and other source material to support your arguments. Refer to Trident`s “Writing Style Guide” for guidance on APA formatting and style.

#5.)__You`re expected to read every item in all of these below, & to review a fair sample of the material in order to get a good idea of the kinds of advice propositions being offered.)

In addition, the optional readings expand on many of the central points; you also need to do some independent research of your own to clarify any issues that concern you and CITE them accordingly. Minimum of 2. 

****These are the REQUIRED READINGS. Also You MUST cite accordingly.**** 

#1.)___Edwards, A. and Wilson J. (2014). Implementing Virtual Teams. Gower Publishing, Oxon, GBR. (Read Part I on When We Should Use Virtual Teams and Part II What We Need to Know When Implementing Virtual Teams.)

#2.)__Berry, G. (2011). Enhancing effectiveness of Virtual Teams, Journal of Business Communications, 186-206.

#3.)___Sembdner, Stephan (2011). Success Factors of Virtual Teams in the Conflict of Cross-Cultural Team Structures, Diplomica Verlag: Hamburg Germany. (Read Chapter 2 and 3).

#4.)__Video full of ideas and recommendations, usually claiming to have been derived from practice but not always carefully documented as such.

See the discussion of challenges of working virtually in a team.


#5.)___Shyue-Ping Chi, Ming-Hsien Yang, and Chi-Ming Tsou (2013) Study the global virtual team: leadership, trust, training, communication and performance in Taiwan. Journal of Global Business Management. http://www.jgbm.org/page/38%20Shyue-Ping%20Chi.pdf

#6.)___Ubell, R. (2011) Virtual Teamwork: Mastering the Art and Practice of Online Learning and Corporate Collaboration. Wiley: Hoboken, NJ. Read section on Mitigating Conflict.

#7.)___Ocker, R. J. & Fjermestad, J. (2008). Communication differences in virtual design teams: findings from a multi-method analysis of high and low performing experimental teams, ACM SIGMIS Database, 39(1), 51-67.

You should start with these two pretty good examples of respectable academic research studies; we can be reasonably confident that since they were done according to the rules, we can have reasonable confidence in their resulting findings and recommendations:


This assignment involves your analysis of what is known, somewhat known, not known, or "known" but wrong in the area of the management of virtual teams. Since this phenomenon is relatively new, there isn`t a large body of knowledge specifically about such teams. Most of the advice floating around about virtual teams comes from one or more of four types of sources:

The small number of academically respectable research studies on virtual teams

The very large body of research done on the management of teams generally (dating back to the 1930s and of somewhat questionable generalizability due to differences in tools, culture, society, and just about everything else)

The modest but steadily increasing body of informal or "practice wisdom" information, generally made available through blogs or other Internet sources

The quite large body of essentially uninformed but ready-to-be-shared opinion about the topic, also Internet-available

The first two bodies of information are generally easy to identify and distinguish; they`ll be found in academic journals, conference transactions, and other such sources. Unfortunately, distinguishing between the latter two types of information is much more complicated, since they may look a great deal like each other, depending on the technical abilities of the respective website designers.

As we noted before, if you don`t really pay attention to this material, it`s really unlikely that you can write an acceptable paper on the topic below, let alone an exceptional one. We spend quite a lot of time trying to identify useful sources for you that bear on our topics for analysis; while we strongly encourage you to conduct your own further research and identify additional useful sources, this should be an add-on to the basic material rather than a substitute for it.

Carefully explain and justify your conclusions.

Please write an A+ "Graduate Level/PHD" paper please, scholarly writing. No rush but the sooner the better.


Management of virtual teams Student: Professor: Course title: Date: Management of virtual teams Virtual teams, consisting of people in dissimilar physical sites, are currently on the increase. As telecommuting become increasingly common and as business organizations expand geographically, work groups usually span distant offices, hotel rooms, private homes, and even shared workspaces (Gilson et al., 2015). In this paper, five major questions with regard to the management of virtual teams relating to practice wisdom are identified. The identified questions are sufficiently significant that excellent research may be helpful in resolving their validity. First topic of interest: When should virtual teams be used? What are we trying to find out? With this question, we are basically trying to establish what will drive a company to develop virtual teams in the first place; that is, what really causes them to do so. Why is this question interesting?  This question is interesting as it will reveal the main reasons as to why more and more business organizations are forming virtual teams. In other words, this question will show why forming virtual teams is appealing to companies. Who might care what the results would be? Those who may care about the results include the following: companies that have physical sites in different locations; business organizations that are planning to expand to other geographical locations; and companies that allow telecommuting for...

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