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Major Security Issues in E-commerce

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Major Security Issues in E-commerce


Dear Sir/Madam Please follow these instruction when you making the the assay. The dead line for on the first of May 2016 Best Regards What to submit Research question and Methodology. •Hand in maximum of three A4 pages Management report •Hand in maximum of 2500 word report (in the case of a practical realisation, such as a system design, the expectation word count will be significantly less than this) Detailed specification of work 1.An original question about e-business that would be worth further research •This section is concerned only with defining the problem/.question. •Include a short paragraph that explains why it is interesting and a page of plan / research method that shows how your question could be answered. •Your idea can be interesting for its own sake – pure research. Or it might be useful to a specified organisation – applied research. 2.A report to a senior manager of a real organisation on one of the following (80% of total). Or propose a topic of your own – but get my approval for it before you start work. Clearly identify which option you are answering. Research Method. Lab or Field Studies, Case Studies, Surveys, Grounded Research. Outline Marking Scheme To help you pick a topic suitable for the coursework, first, choose a scenario type from the options below: a. Analysis and critical evaluation of current e-business strategy and activities. (There must already be some significant e-business activity.) • You decide how to carry out the appraisal, using your own selection or those techniques taught on the module. b. Proposal and justification for a systems architecture to support e-business. (The organisation must have little or no significant e-business activity now). • Summarise the applications that are needed. • Outline their interfaces with each other, and any necessary standards. • Explain how the applications differ from current systems. • Identify the benefits and how they will be measured. c. Migration plan to develop e-business capability from scratch. (The organisation must have little or no significant e-business activity now.) • Identify impacts on the organisation and changes to infrastructure. • Identify major benefits, with suggestions for how to measure them. • Identify major risks, with strategies to avoid or minimise them. d. High level design for a completely new e-business application. (Must be relevant to the needs of the organisation and not closely based on any existing system.) • Explain the need and justify the design decisions in a brief report. • Design to include systems architecture, functional requirements, technical interface requirements, data storage requirements and sample user interfaces. • May consist mainly of diagrams and models. e. Proposal and justification for an e-business strategy. (The organisation must have little or no significant e-business activity now.) • Outline the strategy and summarise the main changes expected in the organisation. • Implementation plan should show how the changes will be achieved. • Identify the benefits and explain how they can be measured. Once you have made your choice of topic type, progress to the report, which will contain the following two sections, addressing the specified components in the marking scheme. 1. Research questions will be marked mainly for:- • Originality and interest of the question. • Feasibility of the outline plan / research methodology. 2. The management report will be marked for its:- • Factual basis. • Overall coherence. • Analytical depth, logical argument, critical questioning of others (including published sources). • Originality of thought, synthesis, new ideas and insights Edit Order Submit Choose Files Additional files DateFile name Preferred writer for your order


Major Security Issues in E-Commerce Name Course Instructor Date Explanation and method and research plan There is concern that the e-commerce platforms are susceptible to fraud and abuse in various ways. Organization increasingly relies on the e-commerce option to improve sales, but fraud increases the risk of financial loss, while the vendor`s perceived honesty and trustworthiness affects relations with customers (Connolly & Bannister, 2007, p. 109). At other times, theft of private and confidential, information has the potential to destroy organizations. This may include the organization`s trade secrets, marketing information and worryingly customer information. Disclosing the confidential information to third parties places the organization at a disadvantage, and in many cases, it is not possible to undo all the damages after a breach of e-commerce security system. Major retailers have adapted to changes in the market by leveraging the use of e-commerce platforms to improve sales as online shopping is convenient and there is timely delivery (Canadean Company Reports, 2014, p. 23). Tesco has adapted to the public needs, focusing on the bank, super market, manufacturers and entertainment segments besides the retailer section. Despite being successful with e-commerce where shoppers have the option to purchase 24/7, there are security concerns on using e-commerce. For people who do not have the time to walk through the stores, the e-commerce platform provides an ...

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