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M3D2: Maggots

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M3D2: Maggots


The natural world did not create the silos of the different disciplines, these are human constructs that allow us to grasp the ideas and categorize them. As scientific knowledge expanded in the 16th and 17th century, the disciplines we recognize were created from the more generalized and inclusive study by the naturalists into the natural science disciplines we know today. Your discussion post should target one central dogma and show how this impacts another discipline. An example would be: A central dogma of baking leavened bread is that yeast digests sugars in the mix and creates gasses that expand the bread, making it light and fluffy. This theory is applied in the making of beer where the actions of yeast are used in the fermentation process. This discussion will support your achievement of module/course outcome #2. The discussion question to address in your initial post is: Identify two natural science disciplines and explain how the central dogma of one impacts the other. Explain how you see changes in this dogma/core theory is now affecting research and discoveries in the other discipline.


Maggots Name: Institution: Course: Date: Maggots For the longest time, decomposition has come to be viewed from a negative point of view. In most of the cases it is associated with foul smells and generally symptomatic of death. Much of this is actually true relative to the fact that, after living bodies die, they produce foul smells from the chemical breakdown of the tissues. One other component of decay is maggots (Rettner, 2011). These are associated with death and they tend to be the most abundant fauna when a corps


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