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Learning organizations and an accreditation process for an institution

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Learning organizations and an accreditation process for an institution

I need help answering the following question, all answers should be derived from credible scholarly sources, please include the source citation in APA.

1. a. What is a "learning organization"?
b. What are some of the most likely characteristics of an association`s culture that would
tend to support and promote organizational learning? Why?

2. Describe in general terms the accreditation process for an institution. That is, what major steps would an institution have to follow in order to achieve accreditation from an accrediting body?

3. Marketing personnel often refer to the "Marketing Mix" and its specific components. Give an example of how the Marketing Mix might apply to decision-making involving the launch of a new association conference.

4. During the morning break of the Standards Committee meeting of the International Widgets Manufacturing Association, where new industry standards were being developed on widget specifications, a few committee members were talking over coffee. One member asked the others their views on the pricing implications for their future widget lines in light of the proposed new standards. Overhearing the remark, the association`s general counsel asked the members not to respond, explaining that such a discussion was inappropriate and potentially illegal. The association`s marketing director, having recently read 7 Measures of Success, told the members to ignore the general counsel. "He`s being grumpy because he hasn`t had his coffee yet. At the International Widgets Manufacturing Association we believe in dialogue and engagement among members as well as staff." What would you say to your two staff members, if you were the Executive Director and witnessed this disagreement?

5. At the first meeting of the Institute of Certified Golf Tee Designers, an affiliate of the Golf Tees Manufacturers Association, one of the board members recommended that the Institute contract with a psychometrician in an effort to possibly reduce potential liability issues associated with the certification program.

a. What is a "psychometrician"?

b. Describe a potential liability issue that the board member was suggesting.

6. a. Explain UBIT.

b. Give an example of unrelated association revenue that might trigger UBIT.

c. What might be the consequences, if unrelated association revenue were to rise to
approximately one-third of an association`s annual budget?

7. "If the circus is coming to town and you paint a sign saying, "Circus is coming to Fairgrounds Sunday," that`s Advertising. If you put the sign on the back of an elephant and walk him through town, that`s Promotion. If the elephant walks through the Mayor`s flower bed, that`s Publicity. If you can get the Mayor to laugh about it, that`s Public Relations. And, if you planned the whole thing, that`s Marketing!" -- Author Unknown

a. Which marketing planning function would be applied to determine which town the circus
should select to set up its tent for business?

b. How might this function be applied in an association setting? Give an example.

8. a. In general, how do certificate programs differ from certification programs?

b. Offer a reason, other than tax-related, why an association might choose to house its
certification program in a subsidiary corporation.

9. The chairperson of an association`s board of directors approaches the association`s publication manager with an idea for an association-published book. The chairperson explains that the book is a "winner" and she would like to be the author. The publication manager is not convinced that the book is a "winner" but, as a new association employee, feels compelled to comply with the chairperson`s request.

a. Explain the ethical dilemma in this situation.

b. Before accepting the chairperson`s proposal, what type of due diligence should the publication manager have conducted?

10. a. Which level of the Kirkpatrick Evaluation Model would typically be associated with actual
results, such as cost-savings, quality, etc., accruing to a member organization from its
employees` participation in a popular seminar offered by its trade association?

b. In general terms how might the member organization determine the ROI of its training
investment in the association`s popular seminar?

11. Together, the following questions on survey research are worth five points. Label each part (e.g., 11a, 11b, etc.) and include the question with your answer.

a. In conducting a survey of the membership of a professional society, the society`s research
director decided to randomly select a sample of the membership instead of surveying the entire
membership. Give an example of a sampling frame the research director might use in
conducting such a survey. Please explain.

b. What is the advantage of survey sampling over surveying the entire membership?

c. What is the inherent risk in survey sampling?

d. Why is the mathematical concept of "probability" important to survey research?

e. Explain the relationship between a population parameter (e.g., the mean age of all the
members of an association) and a corresponding sample statistic.

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