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Leadership Theory Paper

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Leadership Theory Paper


Leadership Theory Paper

Throughout this degree program, you have been exposed to many great leaders in nursing and health care. Reflect on the leadership demonstrated by individuals such as Dr. Margaret McClure, Dr. Diane Mancino, Dr. Karen Drenkard, Ms. Joan Marren, Dr. Leslie Mancuso, Maria Manna, and Dr. Kenneth Rempher. Great leaders share common characteristics. As you have heard in this week`s media presentation, leadership skills can be learned and developed. The first step in developing leadership skills is increasing your self-awareness of your leadership qualities and abilities. This can help you evolve and develop your leadership abilities. In order to be an effective leader, you must find a style, or styles, that meet both your needs and those of the institution. Complete at least one of the following assessment inventories.

•Gallup Strength Finders



Review your assessment results, and determine your leadership style, strengths, and growing edges. Consider how your leadership strengths are demonstrated in your nursing practice.

Identify an individual in your professional and/or work environment whom you consider to be an effective leader and discuss the characteristics you see in this individual that supports your selection of him/her as an effective leader. Include in the discussion any strengths or characteristics you have in common with the leader you select. Write a 2–3 page paper of the selected leader`s leadership style and specific leadership characteristics demonstrated. Include in your summary any strengths or characteristics you have in common with the leader you selected. Also include how your identified strengths demonstrate mastery of ANA`s Nursing: Scope & Standards of Practice, Standards of Professional Performance, Standard 12: Leadership as evidenced in your nursing practice


Leadership Theory Student: Professor: Course title: Date: Leadership Theory Leadership is an essential skill for nurses at every level. For senior nurses to be effective in their various roles, they should take up various leadership behaviours and characteristics (Sherman, 2012). The purpose of this paper is to discuss my leadership assessment results and how I can apply them to my nursing practice. Furthermore, one individual whom I consider to be an effective leader is identified and the particular traits which I see in this person that support my selection of her as an effective leader are discussed. The results of my leadership assessment are used as a guideline to include in my summary the characteristics or strengths which I have in common with this selected leader. Lastly, this paper specifies how my identified strengths demonstrate mastery of ANA’s Nursing: Scope and Standards of Practice, Standard 12: Leadership. Assessment Inventory The Assessment Inventory that was completed is the DiSC. It is worth mentioning that DiSC is essentially a personal assessment tool which is utilized in improving communication, teamwork and work productivity. The DiSC model is non-judgment and offers a common language which could be utilized by people to understand themselv


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