Aug 11, 2017

Late-Term Abortion Should be Legal

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Late-Term Abortion Should be Legal

This essay needs to be written by a professional who is in in field of politics. The Essay is been divided to 2 different stages; They have been completed already with my own research. Stage 1 : Graphic Organizer 1-3 Policy Plan which is 1-2 pages in length 250-500 words typed double spaced Stage 2: Research notes (graphic Organizer #4) Tenative bibliography (graphic Organizer #5) That`s only 40% There is the essay which is been left to write. I want you to please read my proposal. my research notes. Write a well structure essay to support of Late-Term Abortion in any term show with statistics on the essay and proof. PLease also include FOOTNOTE and work Cite I will go ahead and upload my Proposal. Research notes Please do not make up your own type of essay. It needs to be done the way i have stated. So please show statistics on the essay to prove that my idea about Late-Term abortion is TRUE. Thanks a lot In the instruction i wrote that " please show statistics on the essay to prove that my idea about Late-Term abortion is TRUE" I did not mean that. I ment " PLease show statistics and evidence how the idea of Late-Term abortion should be legalized In Canada ! You can also talk about Dr.Henry Morgantaler who was the man that legalized abortion in canada. This is Specifically for Late-Term abortion, Because they say the over 3 months old baby is a human being, late-term abortion is a murder. You are taking a kids life. But in the essay we have to disagree with that idea. So it has to SUPPORT Late-Term Abortion Due to : Unwanted pregnancys , Teen mothers that can`t support kids and etc. The essay needs to be strong, because this is my summative which is worth 30% of my final mark. Thanks
NameInstructorCourseDateBackground InformationCanada is one of the three countries in the world where abortion is allowed and is carried out within the dictates of the law. As such, the country serves as an indication that abortion is a medical care process, just like open heart surgery, and needs no special attention (Green Party of Canada, 1). This means that carrying out the process in the county is taken as a legal process. It is also a way of ensuring that the rights of the people are respected. That is, the women have a chance whether to or not to keep a pregnancy to term. However, there arises a question of how long a pregnancy should be taken as legal. As such, the question of late term abortion has come up, and it is hotly contested. In this light, the report below looks at the issue of late term abortions, indicating why they should be made legal.There exists societal divides over this issue, where many people do not seem to agree as to whether late term abortion should be allowed or not. There are the conservative people in the society who are of the idea that abortion policies should be based on the moral or legal questions of the procedure. This is also the same view that is supported by Arthur (para. 4 ) who observes that “abortion is a question of choice, conservatives disagree strongly, taking away innocent life is wrong.” This implies that the conservatives are of the opinion that the procedure should not be allowed. How much more would they be opposed to the issue of late term abortion can be quite surprising.The Need to Legalize Late Term AbortionsFirst of all, there is the need to get a clear definition of what late term abortion is. The best definition for this is when the abortion is carried out at such a time when the fetus is more developed in the mother`s womb. As such, the act is taken by many as murder. Abortion in Canada observes that “late termination of pregnancy or late-term abortions are abortions which are performed during a late stage of pregnancy” (1). To a large extent, the argument is refuted on the basis of when the fetus becomes viable outside the woman`s womb. As such, it can be seen that there is a moral aspect to the issue, where the ethical difference comes in between killing a zygote and killing a newborn infant. There are statistics that indicate the current status of abortions in Canada, as presented by Kosalka (1). In Ontario, there were 43,997 abortions in 2010 which run at a cost of about 5.4 million dollars. Out of these, 18,330 were carried out in physicians offices, 16,055 were done in abortion facilities while 9,612 were carried out in hospitals. This indicates that the cases of abortion are common in the country, especially after the bill allowing it was passed. This bill made Canada one of the few countries in the world which allow abortion to be carried out. However, there is controversy over the issue of late term abortion, where many do not seem to agree as to wheth...

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