Aug 09, 2017

Kotter`s 8 Step Approach

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Kotter`s 8 Step Approach

Think of an organization you have worked for or one with which you are very familiar. Diagnose the need for change and present a plan to transform the organization, utilizing Kotter`s 8-Step Approach. Include the following sections headings and additional sections as needed: Introduction; Company Overview; Diagnosis; Kotter`s 8-Step Approach; Conclusion Must include 3 scholary references
Kotter`s 8 Step Approach Name: Institution: Introduction Running a business in the 21st century is not business as usual, there are more complex challenges, as the race to economic stability is no longer as straightforward as it was decades ago. There is a need to remain innovative at every turn of events. Most businesses start on the right foot, but as time goes by; the business dies off on its tracks. Every organization has a culture, which drives all aspects of the business. This culture needs a change, as long as a company wants to continually to create growth. Organizations spend a lot of their hard-earned money in a bid to improve performance (Coutts, 2012). There are programs and books in the market that promise a quick fix to all the problems that a company may be facing. These solutions do not work for long and are a waste of resources, while the organizations go back the drawing board to draft a new strategy. Change is a gradual process that takes time and practice, as John Kotter illustrates in his approach to change for any organization that are pursuing change (Scheid, 2012). Having dedicated much of his time to study success and failure in businesses, Kotter`s approach clearly illustrates that, there are no quick fixes to change. The approach requires any organization to take time through the various phases not skipping either, as this will lead to detrimental results (Mind tools, 2012). Company overview Louis Kane and Ron Shaich founded Panera Bread back in the year 1981 as Au Bon Pain Co. prospering along the east coast throughout the eighty`s and the ninety`s becoming a dominant operator in the bakery category. The company has a single goal, which is making great bread. This is in line with the company`s mission; providing a loaf of bread to every arm. The company takes a keen interest in customer satisfaction by crating their products according to the tastes and preferences in the market. The company is widely recognized for its out...

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