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Kindly Refer to Instruction

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Kindly Refer to Instruction

Your professional help are greatly appreciated. As a non-major, this assignment became a distraction of my focus. A) The 3 sources have to related to the designated area, \"High Park, Toronto, Canada\". And they can\`t be from the course-list. (Course Outline and reading list could be provide) B) This is the third assignment, and it\`s related to the 2 previous assignment. The first is just collecting data from a census data-base of that particular area. And the second is just a 300 word reaction paper. (Such attachments are available upon request.) C) The 3 source that I found might be relevant are follow: • Feminist activism for safer social space in High Park, Toronto: How women got lost in the woods Whitzman, Carolyn.Canadian Journal of Urban Research 11. 2 (Winter 2002): 299. o • Restoration as healing [High Park, Toronto] Boye, Solomon.Alternatives Journal 25. 2 (Spring 1999): 18. And Maybe: • The dream of High Park (Toronto Free Theatre) Canadian Theatre Review 47 (Summer 1986): 29-37.
Name InstructorCourseDateGender Parity in High Park RestorationUrban planning had been concentrated on area where feminist planning theory had no say. It is thus imperative for all planning to incorporate all genders in formulation and implementation of any project. The development of public space in urban areas has to be safe to all concerned people in the society. This is because all people are able to access the space regardless of gender or ethnicity. Many earlier urban planning of public space did not consider interest of gender and ethnicity and this made it possible for this public parks and space to be accessed mostly by a certain gender and ethnic group due to issues of safety. Females have been found to avoid public spaces citing the issue of safety and this has made the parks to be dominated by male from a specific social economic and ethnic group. The urban setting of Toronto`s high park had not considered the interest of gender and ethnicity balance and this resulted to it being considered not safe by female and lower social class groups. This brought forth the imbalance in using the park thereby leading to feminist movements regarding its safety and degradation of the park`s ecosystem. The paper will looks on how the ecology and ethno-biology was restored couple with female safety in High park Toronto in the restoration of the park savannah and improvement of physical project (Boye).There has been feminist activism regarding cities planning and uses of public space and bringing forth issue such as sexual assaults into public view. The discourse of women needs with respect to public safety concerns has been viewed through the need to talk lens in order to make substantive differences and the possibility of unavoidable corruption in principles that accompanies the liberal change (Whitzman). The Toronto High park feminist movement was aimed at instilling value in the populace by appreciating the beauty and purity of nature, and the provision of family oriented avenue for leisure. Many battles have been witnessed in an effort to preserve High Park`s natural beauty by modifying it from its original form and a site for recreational purpose (Whitzman). This is because the park had been contested between different social economic classes and racial minority. The right of females to use parks has been disputed as they have been encouraged to take their children during the day, but due to different social class women have the tendency to avoid others. Therefore they tend to utilize the public space after dark to protect their reputation and safety of their children. This resulted to the question of whose park with respect to gender, race and age.High Park is the largest known park in central Toronto with about 400 acres which has been over there for 100 years. The park constitutes a variety of natural landscape and a range of amenities for more recreation activities (Whitzman).  INCLUDEPICTURE "

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