Aug 10, 2017

Key legislative acts from World War II to the present day

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Key legislative acts from World War II to the present day

The full question my professor gave us was "Between the beginning of World War II and the present decade, the United States underwent significant reform through key legislative acts which addressed race relations, poverty, and gender. Explain these different categories of reform, their early proponents, their evolution into legislation, and whether or not this legislation truly addressed the issues." He also said "Answers must include a coherent thesis statement, which is substantiated by at least three supporting pieces of evidence and be at least 1,500 words in length." Also we use the book Give Me Liberty! Volume 2, second edition (if that makes any difference) Thank you in advance!!!
Name Professor Course Date Key Legislative Acts since World War II From the American history, it is well known that the nation is built on the respect of human dignity and the value placed on the rights of individuals. It is no wonder that the nation is famed for its pursuit of democracy and the rights of its people, and also explains why the nation was quite neutral at the onset of the world wars. However, involvement in the wars, especially the World War II made the nation realize that there are some aspects of life that were not fully catered for in the constitution. In addressing these issues, there came up a number of legislative acts to cater for the emerging issues. There were acts that were aimed at three main objectives; to ensure that there was no racial discrimination in the country, to eliminate poverty from the American people and also to bring equality among the American citizens or what is otherwise known as the gender mainstreaming. These were seen as the major concerns at the time which needed to be taken care of. The paragraphs below indicate how these acts and bills came to be and how they have affected the American society to date. It is well known that American is a nation that has people from all walks of life. There are the Native Americans or the Indians, the African Americans who are mostly descendants of the former slaves, the Hispanics and also the Caucasians among other groups of people. With such a mixture, it is not unlikely that there can be some misunderstandings between the people. This brings about the superiority and inferiority complexes which can be quite harming to the national cohesion. As such, there was the need to come up with a strategy to make sure that these people were not divided, but united as one. However, history has it that as of 1960, Americans did not fully comprehend the understanding of the “equal Protection by the Law” as it actually applied (Government Archives 1). As such, it was...

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