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Key Flaws in Intel`s 5-Point Plan

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Key Flaws in Intel`s 5-Point Plan

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You decide to use Intel as the example company within your presentation at the retreat. Prepare a PowerPoint presentation in which you validate the key flaws in Intel`s five-point plan. In your presentation, be certain to address the following important concepts:
• Ethical integrity and why it is important;
• The role of ethics in business;
• The advantages of corporate social responsibility;
• Ethics and company culture; and
• Employees, technology and ethical responsibilities.
• Then, include brief examples of three additional companies who fell prey to the same types of pressures - thus illustrating how Intel is clearly not alone.
• Conclude with a list of general actions for an organization so as to avoid the decision-making pitfalls to which Intel and others had succumbed.

Support your paper with a minimum of five (5) scholarly resources in addition to your text. In addition to these specified resources, other appropriate scholarly resources, including older articles, may be included.

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