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Justice Peggy Quince, Judges, Training, and Challenges

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Justice Peggy Quince, Judges, Training, and Challenges

1.) Select a judge currently serving on the courts and research your selected judge. Conduct your research using sources such as the Internet or the library. Make sure that you research the following issues:
The background and education of the judge.
How the judge was selected for the court in which he or she presides.
The training the judge has received.
Some of the challenges that the judge has faced in his or her career (this could involve a particular case that was a challenge).
Do you believe this judge is adequately prepared and selected for the job? Discuss your thoughts and prepare a brief report on what you learned about the judge in your research.

2.) What do you believe is the most challenging aspect of the judge s role? Please explain.

3.) Do you feel that judges receive proper training? Why or Why not?

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