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James Dickeys Deliverance Connection to Sigmund Freud

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James Dickeys Deliverance Connection to Sigmund Freud


English Prompt from the Instructor:
Since "it is impossible to overlook the extent to which civilization is built upon a renunciation of instinct" (Quote by Sigmund Freud from pages 51-52), we can understand why there is such a struggle for these four city men to shed their civilized "skin" and resort to their primal selves in order to survive in the wild in James Dickey`s novel "Deliverance". So, in a thesis-driven argument of a minimum of 3 full pages and using Sigmund Freud`s "Civilization and its Discontents" to help support your position by arguing the following question:
QUESTION: In what specific situation does Ed`s re-connection to his instinctive nature enable him to cope with what he is confronted with? 
Notes from the professor: 
Step #1: Understand Ed is confronted with many situations so ONLY focus on ONE SPECIFIC SITUATION to answer within your essay.
Step #2: In your essay make sure to have a good thesis statement at the end of your introductory paragraph in bold letters, have strong topic sentences at the start of your body paragraphs to support your thesis in all your body paragraphs and of course have a good conclusion in your final paragraph that supports your argument.
Step #3. Make sure your paragraphs are very focused with specific details that support your argument.
Step #4. Have a minimum of 6 quotes with the page numbers of each quote throughout your essay. A minimum of 3 quotes from Sigmund Freud`s "Civilization and It`s Discontents" and a minimum of 3 quotes from James Dickey`s book "Deliverance". But MAKE SURE NOT to use long quotes that are more than 2 sentences long. Focus on short effective quotes that can help support your argument in your essay.
Notes from me the Student: 
The essay must be with Font Times New Roman and 1 inch margins.
My two sources are James Dickey`s "Deliverance" and Sigmund Freud`s "Civilization and its Discontents".
Sigmund Freud`s book is called “Civilization and Its Discontents” by Sigmund Freud. Standard Edition. New York: W.W Norton and Company. Print. 
Here is the ISBN number it’s ISBN 0-393-30451-5. By the way I included a PDF file of Sigmund Freud`s book just in case you can`t find it.
James Dickey`s book is called "Deliverance". New York: Houghton Mifflin Company, 1970. Print and the ISBN number is 0-385-31387-X


Fear and Instinct Name Institution of Affiliation Date How Ed`s Fear and Instinctive Nature Helps him Survive their Adventure James Dickey`s Deliverance makes Ed as the main driving figure where he shapes himself into being the hero, after the experiences he faces together with his group during their adventure. His instinctive impulses and character driven by fear turn out to be the driving forces towards his survival. How does Gentry use fear and impulse to survive through his adventure in the shooting scene? This essay is going to analyze how the ego and animal instinct affect Ed`s turnover towards achieving the unexpected. Sigmund (1962) says that we are usually inclined to use defense mechanisms and impulsive instincts to look for protection against feelings of anxiety or guilt, arising when


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