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Issues in Frankenstein: The Creature from Human Being Body Parts

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Issues in Frankenstein: The Creature from Human Being Body Parts


* This essay should be approximately 700 words long (no shorter than 700 words, no longer than 800 words).
Essay Topic: Write a research-based essay on EITHER "Frankenstein" or "An Ungodly Child" as follows.
A. Summarize disagreements about the authorship of Frankenstein, and state an opinion. (One important source is the controversial study of 2007, The Man who Wrote Frankenstein by John Lauritsen. Responses to Lauritsen`s argument are also informative.)
B. Discuss the personality and appearance of Louis C. de Ferre in "An Ungodly Child" in terms of historical conceptions of Lucifer/ Satan/ the Devil.
Possible sources:
 the book on demonology by King James I and VI, first published in the 1590s, analyzed by Donald Tyson in 2011,
 the etymology of different words for debatably identical being: "Satan," "Lucifer," "demon, "devil," "Old Nick," "Father of Lies,"
 recent comments by Pope Francis on capitalism as "the devil,"
 meanings of "the Devil" as a card in the Major Arcana of the tarot deck.
*** Grading Standards:
 1 grade for thesis, overall argument
 1 grade for paragraph structure, use of evidence
 1 grade for mechanics (sentence structure, verbs, pronouns, punctuation)..

1) http://www.planetebook.com/ebooks/Frankenstein.pdf
2) http://www.penguin.com/static/pdf/teachersguides/Frankenstein.pdf
3) http://hristodonev.eu/316/an-ungodly-child-id29936.pdf
4) https://www.zumayapublishing.com/SampleChapters/AnUngodlyChild-Sample.pdf


Issues in Frankenstein Name Institution of Affiliation Date Issues in Frankenstein In the 18th century, Dr. Frankenstein projected to synthesize a creature from human being body parts. However, he abandoned his idea out of remorse and horror. An aspect that made Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley, an author, in her work Frankenstein, raise a number of issues on scientist`s pursuit to produce a human being from human body parts. The story is grounded on Robert Walton, an explorer, who in a search for magnetism source finds and saves Frankenstein (Shelley, 2004). After recovery, Frankenstein narrates to Walton his life story. Later he learns of the death of his younger brother. Henceforth, sees the creature and realizes that he is the one who killed the chil


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