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Is There a Crisis in the Australian Film Industry?

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Is There a Crisis in the Australian Film Industry?


I already did the essay plan, just let me know how, and I send the file for you. This is the basics references that i should use: 

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AUSTRALIAN FILM INDUSTRY Name: Course: Date: Introduction The Australian film industry is suffering from quite a number of elements. Most of the Australians would rather watch films that have been made in Hollywood than watch what has been made right at home. On the contrary, the films perform preferably better in abroad that they do at home. The local entertainment industry has been affected by poor commerce in the film industry, lack of developed genres and the fact that there is a skew toward the element of Australian culture (Alasdair, 2014). The national identity element is quite overused in the films making them lack the elements of entertainment and commercialism (Benito, 2012). The global film industry has overtime managed to form clear cut genres for films classification, but the Australian industry is still struggling to maintain the standards that form these genres. These are crucial elements that point to the fact that the industry is in a crisis and requires special attention if it is to make any head ways locally (O`Donnell, 2012). The crisis At the heart of the Australian film industry is the obsession with Australian culture and mannerism. Most of the films take on the elements of Australian culture with twist of making sure that they show the unique elements of the Australian culture. Howev


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