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Is an investment in the stock a higher or lower risk investment than an investment in other stocks as a whole? Why or why not?

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Managerial Finance Assignment: Analyze Apple INC.


Writing Assignment

Analyze Apple INC. 

The analysis in your essay should answer the following questions:

 -  Why did you choose to analyze this company?

 -  What were the opinions of some of your referenced articles on this stock as an investment?

Please note that it is best if there is at least some disagreement on this question.

 -  Is an investment in the stock a higher or lower risk investment than an investment in other stocks

as a whole? Why or why not?

 -  How large is the company in relation to its competitors?

 -  How fast is the company growing?

 -  How profitable is the company?

 -  What is the company’s price-to-earnings ratio? What does this tell you about the company?

 -  Does it have a dividend? If so, what is the dividend yield?

 -  Does the future of the company appear to be promising?

 -  On which exchange does the company trade, and what is its ticker symbol?

 -  Key Point: Do you recommend or not recommend this company’s stock as an investment for

investors that are considering stock investments? Why?

The Writing Assignment is to be 850 words in length (this range includes everything in the assignment including your name, title, and citations). Turnitin.com software will be used to ensure that submitted assignments are original works. The Writing Assignment should be in an essay format using APA style.

Additionally, you are required to support your position by using at least one recent reference from an academic journal or prominent business publication (e.g., The Wall Street Journal, Barron’s, Fortune, Investor’s Business Daily, etc.). A recent reference is one that has a publication date that is less than one year old as of the beginning of the semester. Importantly, references from websites do not qualify unless those websites are part of a reputable print publication. For example, Investopedia.com can be used, but it does not count as a reference that satisfies the criteria of a recent reference.


Managerial Finance Name: Instructor: Institution: Date: The stock chosen for study is of Apple Inc. due to a number of reasons. Apple Inc is a corporate giant. Its track record is self explanatory, having specialized in a wide range of accessories, most of which are pacesetters in the market. The company’s positive milestones are also self evident, and the steady growth in its stock prices is testimony of this growth. The Company has been the leading light in technological innovations over the past decade and also with one of the largest market cap. Its growth is also hoped not to decelerate over the next few years. A study of its stocks would therefore provide a clearer view of the interplay of the market forces and how they affect the stock value. Accor


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