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iPhone 6 Evaluations and Recommendations Research Paper

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iPhone 6 Evaluations and Recommendations Research Paper


Coursework – Assignment / i phone 6 evaluations and recommendations 
You are keen to develop a start up Human Factors company that specialises in undertaking evaluations of interactive devices and systems that are in everyday use. You intend to provide evaluations and recommendations on whether the device is appropriate or not for the intended user group, in terms of, for example, task functionality, usability, safety, security and design aesthetics.. A key to the potential success of your business will be to show to potential clients, that you have specialist skills and understanding of Human Factors tools and techniques. To help you in your quest to show that you do indeed possess these much sought after skills and qualities, you decide to undertake an evaluation of a device in order for you to have an example portfolio of your work that you can use to show potential clients.
1. Task 1
The first assessed piece of this assignment is for you to provide a justification for the need to undertake evaluation of interactive systems. Your justification should also indicate what evaluation is about, describe the different types of evaluation that can be undertaken and a brief critique of each of the different evaluation methods. (E.g. Heuristic evaluation). This will be approximately 2 - 3 sides of A4 maximum.
2. Task 2 
Identify and select appropriate user task goals for the evaluation. Using an appropriate task analysis technique, identify a range of typical task goals that users would use the device for. (Again if you should think of appropriate Use cases to help you identify appropriate tasks.) This will form the basis for your evaluation. Typically you should identify between 5 – 10 tasks. (Your task analysis should consider, task frequency, task sequence, task criticality etc..)
3. Task 3 
Conduct a user profiling to identify the key characteristics of the intended users of your chosen device. This analysis will form the basis for your evaluation on, for example, the appropriateness of the device for the intended user group against their typical characteristics.
4. Task 4 
Provide a usability specification to enable you to evaluate the device against the specification. You should aim to have 6 – 10 usability/ user experience goals.
5. Task 5 
Undertake an evaluation of the device using an appropriate evaluation technique(s) (eg Heuristic evaluation, observation of users etc. ) Part of this task will be designing forms etc to capture your results.
6. Task 6 
Once you have undertaken your evaluation you are then required to begin the process of analysing your results and then preparing them for dissemination to a wide audience of people who may be interested in your findings. (Users, retailers, developers etc.). This is a key part of the assignment and again you have complete freedom and flexibility over how you might wish to communicate your results. Examples that you might wish to consider include:-
• Producing a short ‘You Tube’ type video highlighting issues with the device and summarising your results
• Preparing a ‘TechRadar’ type web based report
• Producing a ‘Powerpoint’ type presentation. (You may be required to present it.)
• A short evaluation report with an executive summary of your key findings
As stated above, it is entirely your choice but the key point is that, whichever method you choose, you are able to clearly communicate the results of your findings in a way that those who would be interested in your study can readily understand. The results and presentation of your evaluation will need to be concise but highly relevant, useful, informative, meaningful and relevant. (You need to think about being able to convey your results to your audience within a maximum of 4 -10 minutes, whichever form of presentation you decide to use. (You have only a limited amount of time to impress!!)
NB The main bulk of the work you have done in tasks 1 to 5 will not form part of your executive ‘report’ but will be submitted as part of your overall portfolio as a group of appendices. Eg User Profilling data sheet, Questionnaire, data analysis, Heuristics and evaluation analysis, usability specification etc.,etc..


IPhone 6 evaluation and recommendation Name Institution I phone 6 evaluation and recommendation Technology is now an integral part of our society and someone has to ensure that the devices we use are efficient. My job entails evaluating interactive devices like mobile phones on the basis of task functionality, safety security, and usability among others, to ensure that device is appropriate for a user. Recommendations are also offered on how to improve the functionality of a device or which device would be more efficient.in this study we are going to evaluate the iPhone 6, a popular device too many. Task 1 Users want interactive products to be easy to learn, effective, efficient, safe, and satisfying to use. Being entertaining, attractive, challenging, and enjoyable is also important for the success of websites, games, toys, and other consumer products. Achieving this requires the product to be evaluated, and running effective evaluations involves understanding not only why evaluation is important but also what aspects to evaluate, where evaluation should take place, and when to evaluate. Evaluation is needed to check that users can use the product and that they like it, particularly if the design concept is new. Furthermore, nowadays users look for much more than just a usable system, they look for a pleasing and engaging experience. User experience encompasses all aspects of the end-user’s interaction. The first requirement for an exemplar...

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