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Intro to Sociology

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Intro to Sociology


Intro to Sociology

Crime Assignment

50 Point 

1.Develop seven questions you would like to ask people regarding crime. These questions should be open ended interview questions. This can be anything that interests you, however concentrate on information that is in the text to develop your questions BASED UPON TRENDS OR EVIDENCE (or theories)!!!!!!

2.Ask at least three people your questions in an interview format (sit down and ask them each of your OPEN ENDED questions, write down their responses).

3.Complete a detailed write up of your findings, including any conclusions you can make from your data. Minimum of 750 words (Interview questions and responses don’t count in word count).

******For the potential for full credit, you must turn in each of the following;

-A copy of your seven questions.

-A copy of your questions and the responses from the three people you 


-A write up where you discuss why you choose your questions, 

what you heard back from the people you interviewed, and what trends 

you can make from the data. Also discuss why you chose your topic 

were/are interested in the topic, also what did you learned.

please write according to information above that is how the instruct what the paper to be. Again the essay will be 750 words you know how many pages that is and writer down the other question and answers separate page


Name: Institution: Course Title: Instructor: Date: Crime The topic about crime is a complex one and it is difficult to get a succinct, non-technical or broad explanation as to what causes crime. Some criminologists believe that there is no cause for crime as so far as the literal meaning of the word cause is concerned. Indeed, the topic about crime is an interesting one and helps understand why crime occurs and who are more inclined to commit crime. With this in mind, the paper seeks to establish the trend in regard to crime and what really leads people to commit crime. The first question was aimed at determining the level of crime in the society while the second question was aimed at determining the trend of criminal activity. The third question was aimed at determining the age of the most common culprits of crime while the fourth question aimed at determining the major drive behind crime. The fifth question is aimed at getting the societal perception of what really constitutes crime while the sixth question aimed at determining the time at which most crimes occur. The final question is aimed at getting feedback as to what needs to be done to better get rid of crime in the society. There is no succinct or direct explanation as to what causes crime in the society. However, most people see crime as a major problem in the society, a major inhibitor to development. Important to note here is the fact that it is much hard to monito


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