Jul 17, 2017

Interview Summary/Synthesis

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Writing Exercise: Interview Summary/Synthesis


Instructions attached along with a sample paper

00033428 and 00033431 should be done by the same writer, they are related topics. 00033428 should be done first, followed by 00033431. 00033428 requires a research topic and an interviewee, this research proposal letter will be directed to an audience who can create change (Congressperson, business administrator, or other similar audience.) In the proposal, you need to suggest a change or a solution to a current problem. Examples of strong proposal topics would be things like funding ideas for an animal shelter, starting a recycling program in a community, suggesting a better plan for public transport, or another idea that interests you. You will be proposing solutions for these issues. 00033431 this research proposal letter will be directed to an audience who can create change (Congressperson, business administrators, or other similar audience.) In the proposal, you need to suggest a change or a solution to a current problem. As you have already chosen a topic for your research proposal letter in 00033428 and conducted an interview that will become one of your sources for this letter, you do

not need to choose a topic. You must use the same topic that you began researching in 00033428, and you must use your interview as a source.


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