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Interview Questions You Developed in Prior Modules

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Interview Questions You Developed in Prior Modules


Using the 15 questions you developed in prior modules, conduct your interview with your selected HR professional. Submit the questions and answers to your instructor for review. Make sure you gained all of the information you will need to complete your final analysis and evaluation paper.

Interview questions

  1. Can you please give us a brief information of who you are in HR?
  2. What has been your experience on the HR sector?
  3. Who is the greatest facilitator in achieving the goals of the organization?
  4. What are some of qualities such people should have?
  5. Are there some investigative aspects which can be observed in individuals and their intelligence in relation to organizational goal setting?
  6. Does the curriculum offered in the HR determine the ability of organizations to achieve their goals?
  7. How can you identify that a certain employee has the required experience for the HR jobs?
  8. What measurement aspects can organizations take to make sure that it is on its path to achieve its set goals?
  9. What are the possible measure to ensure that the organization is on its path towards achieving its goals?
  10. What are some of the aspects which determine the efficiency of the HR department in achieving goals of the organization?
  11. What can you recommend for the future of the HR department in alignment of the organization goals?
  12. Can the curriculum be effective in facilitating this change?
  13. Besides the curriculum are there other factors which facilitate the attaining of the goals of the organization?
  14. If you are given an opportunity to be in the leadership of the HR what are some of the basic changes you would advocate for to help the organization reach their goals?
  15. Do you believe that you have reached the climax in your HR leadership?


    Interview with Dave Ulrich Name: Institution: Course: Date: Interview questions and answers 1 Can you please give us a brief information of who you are in HR? I am a HR global leader, author of several related books among them; Leadership Capital Index, Rise of HR, Leadership Sustainability, HR From the Outside-In, The Why of Work, The Leadership Code and Leadership Brand. I am also a consultant on matters human resources and global business management and leadership. I am the Rensis Likert Professor at Ross School of Business, university of Michigan. 2 What has been your experience on the HR sector? I have had years of experience helping organizations and leaders to deliver value to their customers across the globe. I have also been quite instrumental in developing award winning databases that assess the alignment between the various strategies, HR practices, Organizational


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